Police Blotter 10-31-2013

Monday, October 21

Man came to report being threatened verbally by a female driver.

Alarm Co. reports activation in basement. Alarm Co. called back to cancel, owner on scene with code.

Report of alarm activation. Officers report they checked the house and all is clear. Daughter of home owner came and checked the inside with the officers, all clear.

UPS driver called to report he may have struck a wire. Officer reports it’s a telephone wire in front of Silver Clean Laundromat. Verizon notified.

Officer, EMS and Fire department respond to a motor vehicle accident with possible injuries. EMS transported 3 patients.

Officer reports a minor motor vehicle accident in the rear lot of Governor’s Park.

Several calls of a motor vehicle accident on Revere Street. Officer reports both vehicles being towed and one injury.

911 call reports cab driving erratically on Main Street onto Pleasant Street. Officer located vehicle and stopped it on Cutler at Shirley Street. All checks out. Party sent on his way.

Multiple calls of dumpster fire in Nick’s Place parking lot. Officer responded. Fire department notified.

Woman called via 911 reporting a boy had fallen and hit his head. EMS dispatched. Patient transported to Melrose/Wakefield Hospital.

EMT from Action Ambulance came to the station to report that a man who was involved in an motor vehicle accident on Revere Street stole needles and other items from the ambulance. Action wants to press charges of Larceny.

Officer reports making a vehicle stop. Officer dispatched to assist. Officer reports one person in custody.

911 call reporting a motor vehicle accident. Officers responded and requested a tow for one of the vehicles.

Officers responded to check out individuals hanging around in the area of Franklin Street.

Officer issued a parking ticket and citation for being unlicensed to operate. Tow truck notified but canceled when owner of vehicle arrived on scene.

Man called to report that his apartment had been damaged as a result of the upstairs tenant leaving the water running and it flooded parts of his apartment. Officers spoke with the upstairs tenant. Fire Department notified.

Woman came to the station with her copy of newly extended harassment order. She was inquiring about  service to her 18 year old son who is a student at the Voke in Wakefield and the court informed her that they would fax a copy Wakefield Police Department to serve him at school. Checked with Wakefield Police Department and was informed that they have no record of having served the son any record or receiving the order from the EBC.

Man reports a teen taking off manholes. Officers respond. All manholes in place.

Officer asked for a check of a motor vehicle that was operating erratically.

Tuesday, October 22

Vice Principal of Winthrop Middle School called to report a young female student reported that she was approached by two individuals in a car wearing ski masks. Officer reports description given by the victim was as follows: silver van (possibly Toyota), two white males, may have had mask, operator asked young female “we want some company, can you come with us?” All units noticed.

Caller reports unleashed dog running in an out of traffic near Short Beach.

Several calls reporting a hockey/soccer net thrown in the lake that may pose a danger to fowl in the area.

Owner of Landscaping company called to report an ex-worker was doing a private job and looked like he had one of his missing hedge trimmers. Officer reported there was no way to determine who owned the hedge trimmer,

Woman came in to report that her child’s father did not pick up the child from school today from school per court order.

Caller reports his tire was deflated, did not know if malicious. Officer spoke to caller.

Medical aid requested at meat market for a party that fell. Winthrop Fire Department notified.

Woman came to the station with a man whom she was speaking for due to a language barrier. Party was inquiring why the man could not get his car from tow company. It was explained that the car was towed because the renter of the motor vehicle had not returned the car to rental company on September 3. Rental company reported the motor vehicle stolen on October 7 and it was towed by us as a recovery on October 13.

Man came to the station requesting that we accompany him to pick up baby items that he bought for his ex-girlfriend’s baby. Contacted ex-girlfriend and she stated she had no property of his.

Man came to the station to pick up a wallet with personal property inside.

Person called to report a very low hanging branch preventing traffic from passing if another car was coming in the opposite direction. Officer check area and a message was left for Steve Calla.

Man called and said his father was drunk. This is a violation of some sort of court order. Man claimed his father came after him. Man left for the night. Just wanted it on record.

Person called to report a motor vehicle parked in a lot on Golden Drive. Caller said motor vehicle had been there for over a month and had a flat. Motor vehicle listed to a resident of Golden Drive.

Man came to the station to report that his father went after him with a shovel while he was drunk in violation of a restriction that his father is on.

Man complained that a motor vehicle was blocking his driveway. Motor vehicle tagged. Caller able to get in and out of driveway.

Call reported two males swearing and talking about heroin there.

Woman called to report a man is unresponsive. Fire department notified and officers responded. Officers report man to the Whidden for a voluntary.

Caller reports all her smoke alarms are going off. Fire Department notified and officers responded.

Wednesday, October 23

Call from 91 year old man having chest pains. Transferred to EMS.

Caller reports observing  a white BMV stopping at a white house and two older men stealing political lawn signs.

Woman called to report husband needs an ambulance. Fire Department will handle.

Call from Revere Police to report they and State Revere are looking for a Hispanic male with a Dew Rag on and walking a dog was breaking into cars at Elliot Circle. Suspect was chased by a victim and he ran towards Winthrop. All units notified.

Detail officer reports a concrete truck had struck a parked motor vehicle. One male placed in custody for operating after suspension.

Several calls of an accident. Officers report they need fire and ambulance, plus one tow. Animal Control is also helping with traffic.

Woman came into station with her mother to report an on-going interaction with

Woman reports issues with her husband at Lechmere T stop in Cambridge. There is a language barrier. Line was disconnected. Cambridge police notified.

Caller reports her driveway is blocked by UPS truck. After crossing, officer responded and discovered vehicle had left.

Caller requested an ambulance for her mother. EMS notified.

Called to report a middle school student that helps her with the after school 21st century program took a walk to the T& T Market in the male where she was engaged in conversation by a male. When she left and was walking back to the Cummings School a black SUV was following her and approached her and asked her if she wanted a ride. She declined and ran back to the school. The black SUV was last seen in the direction of Metcalf Sq. Passenger is described as a heavyset white male wearing a flat baseball style cap and a black jacket. No description of the operator other than a white male possibly in their 20’s.

Officers responded to the Cumming School to take a report. Information was BOLOED to all units. Officer also responded to the store to view the tapes.

Abandoned call. Call back was a machine. Officer responded and spoke with family and was informed that a child was playing with  the phone.

Woman called to report a man with a remote control aircraft flying over the field. She is concerned that it could go high and interfere with planes. Officer responded.

Juvenile female came in with parent to report a possible assault. It was determined that the incident did not occur in our jurisdiction. Victim and parent were put in contact with out agency that may be able to help determine the exact jurisdiction. A report was previously made at school.

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