Police Blotter 09-12-2013

Monday, September 2 

Call from Francis Street about a water back up. DPW called.

Son on Winthrop Street called to report that his father is having a medical issue. WFD notified.

Party on Walden Street reports a large group of youths in the roadway. Units had them disperse.

Female reports that kids are carrying a female who appears to be intoxicated on Shirley Street. 93 S. Hickey located the friends and girl and the parents came and picked her up.

Tuesday, September 3 

Female from Executive Apartments reports that someone fell in the lobby. Fire was notified.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that the downstairs neighbor is blaring music again. W93 reports speaking with all parties and having the music turned down.

Female caller on Shirley Street reports that someone is in her basement. Officers report electrician checking the Fire Alarm.

Nurse at East Boston Neighborhood Health on Sturgis Street called to report that someone is not breathing. Fire notified.

Caller from Fort Heath Apartments reports that a woman is passed out in the lobby.

Call of a fight on Hermon Street. A second later, a woman came to the lobby reporting that she was assaulted.

Female from Harbor View Avenue reports that a drunk is in her yard. One in custody.

Manager of Inn at Crystal Cove reports that a guest has a large truck that will not fit in their lot. She requests that the truck with their permit be allowed to park at the Landing. Operator of the Budget truck was advised to speak with the harbormaster at the building there at the Landing.

Female on Pleasant Street reports that her Cadillac is missing. She also reports the key to the car is missing as well. Stolen motor vehicle report signed by owner. Car located in Revere.

Male called the station to report seeing an ad on Craig’s list that he was concerned about. The ad for housing said that preference would be given to people with airport or Massport clearance. Caller said that he tried to contact Homeland Security and the FBI to no avail. He also had the reply code for Craig’s list.

Male on Sturgis Street reports that he just got home from the hospital and took medicine. He is not swelling up. Transferred to Action and Fire.

Male called to report that he just observed that a person just threw out a load of trash in front of his home on Maple Road. Car is listed to a female on Pleasant Park Road. 91 Ramadini reports he located a bunch of glass bottles and fast food trash strewn over the roadway in front of caller’s home. He will cite the driver for the trash thrown from a motor vehicle.

Wednesday, September 4 

Transferred call from State Police stating that they heard arguing on the line from Sturgis Street. Units off with male party outside. Female refusing to answer the door. Second call from State Police with open line from residence. WFD called for forced entry to check on female’s well being. Female located inside closet. Said she did not hear the officers at the door. She also stated it was a verbal argument only. Landlord arrived on the scene. Male party left for the evening.

Male from Prospect Avenue called to report that his girlfriend assaulted him. Officers Feeley and S. Hickey report coming in with one under arrest for domestic assault and battery. Prisoner made allegations of an attempted rape by her ex-boyfriend. Det. Callanan and Feeley will interview. Detective will file an investigative report. Female under arrest for assault and battery.

Male called of a medical aid at St. John’s Church. Fire will respond and they report sending an elderly lady to the Mass General.

Call from Court Road to report a male is on the property in violation of a 209A. Officers and Detective report the subject fled and they will search the area. They report locating him and placing him under arrest in violation of a restraining order.

Daughter came in to report that someone is throwing alcohol bottles, coke bottles, chewing tobacco cans and other junk all over the place on her mother’s property on Court Road. Can an officer check this area during the nighttime hours??

Female on Atlantic Street reports leaving numerous documents containing sensitive personal information (social security number, bank accounts, etc.) on the MBTA Blueline last night and would like it noted for the journal. MBTA police already notified as well as all relevant banking institutions.

Officer will try to serve a 209A issued by the Lawrence Court to subject on Grovers Avenue. He reports no one home at this time.

Female caller reports a Florida vehicle has been parked in the same place for four days on Hutchinson Street. It also has a visitor parking permit on it. The plate comes back as expired. The vehicle was allowed to be parked in their driveway.

Caller reports a pattern of ongoing harassment at the hands of her landlord and landlord’s family at Governors Drive.

Nurse called for an ambulance to Highland Avenue. Fire notified.

Female came in to report losing her brown ladies’ wallet between MGH Revere and Winthrop.

Call from Winthrop Street to report not having water. Call to DPW indicated that they were still working in the area and will have the water on soon.

Reports of a road rage on Shirley Street. One party on a bike and a bat involved. 91 Ramadini and 93 DeCarlo report only the biker is there. They are investigating and have all the information at this time. A misunderstanding. No bat involved.

Reports of a silver car on Morton Street, which is racing up and down the street. Caller reports the car is in the area and doing this frequently. W92 checked the area and located the motor vehicle near Pleasant Park Road. Officer spoke with the party who denied speeding because he lives in the area. Operator thinks that when he shifts gears, people think he is going fast.

W92 spoke with a scooter operator on Hermon Street regarding his driving habits. Male was trying to avoid potholes in the street.

Thursday, September 5 

Reports of a fight on Paine Street. A woman is yelling. Officers coming in with one female. Message left for the matron after receiving no answer. One female in custody for domestic assault and battery.

Reports of boyfriend pounding on the door at a house on Amelia Avenue. 92 Oyola and 94 Sgt. Crisafi report settling the matter for the time being. Officers went to the boyfriend’s house and spoke to him. Female was advised of a 209A.

Female caller on Hutchinson Street reports that there are trucks parked all over the area and people yelling. Officer reports no trucks and no one yelling.

Caller reports having an altercation with the owner of an “off leash” dog at Hannaford Park. Units report speaking with caller and viewing a cellular video of the exchange. Other party identified by ACO VanBuskirk who will follow up.

Report of a possible transformer explosion on Sargent Street.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue requests a well-being check on her landlord. W92 reports she spoke to the landlord and she called the station and we had her call the tenant. All okay, but stay tuned.

Dr. Shah’s office called to report a patient having severe abdominal pains.

Officer will try again to serve a 209A out of Lawrence Court to subject on Grovers Avenue. He reports speaking with a relative who will have the defendant contact the station when she returns after 5.

Male caller on Kennedy Road reports that an elderly man operating an SUV is all over the road. Male said he is a danger to other people? All officers notified and they report no vehicle matching description in the area.

Father on Governors Drive report that his two sons have had their social security numbers stolen and used. Tax returns have been filed by their culprit using son’s names and social security numbers. This was done for tax years 2011 and 2012.

Officer will try to serve a 209A issued by the East Boston Court to subject on Revere Street. He reports she was not home, roommate will tell her.

Male on Wave Way Avenue reports excessively loud music emanating from a house there. W93 reports no noise upon arrival. Spoke with caller who is satisfied for the time being.

Male on Pico Avenue called to report that three young males had broken a window while playing and fled in a gray vehicle. All units BOLO’d. Young male called to state that he broke the window while playing street hockey. The owner of the house is on vacation. Young man will go by the house in a few days to pay for the window.

Mother on Myrtle Street reports that her two daughters are being fresh and she have an order from the court. W94 and W93 respond and report speaking with the daughters instructing them to obey their parents. Mother will go to court in the morning if necessary to apprise the court if her instructions are not being followed.

Friday, September 6 

Party called to report she hit a parked motor vehicle on Court Road. She is unable to locate the owner, but she will return to the area within an hour.

Caller on Hermon Street reported that the abutter would not allow his fence company to replace his existing fence. Officer reports it is a civil matter and they were advised of that.

Party on Walden Place reports people are entering the private way. Also that they are removing her neighbor’s fence. Bond in place and party advised of civil matter. Officer on previous call responded and also confirmed a civil matter.

Party reported to Lt. Perrin there is an argument taking place there between property owners on Hermon Street (see previous paragraph). Officers report no criminal action taking place there. All parties advised it is a civil matter.

Report of four large swans in the roadway near Dawes Playground. Message left for ACO.

Report of a house fire on Almont Street. WFD notified. 92 diverted from the School crossing to the house fire call. Units report initial report it may be an oven fire. WFD reporting heavy smoke condition in upper floor. Advised to clear building.

Party reports that the entire right side of his motor vehicle was struck and the operator left the scene of the crash, which took place opposite CVS near the florist shop. Party’s vehicle sustained heavier damage by the front of the vehicle. He will file a crash report and notify his insurance agent. Registration given does not match up with the description of motor vehicle given by party.

Caller from Governors Drive report two males sitting in a black vehicle in the rear of the building. Caller believes they are acting suspicious. When questioned about what they are doing that is suspicious, the caller reports one is black and one is Spanish and he knows what they are up to. Unit reports he spoke to both parties and they are there visiting a resident from another unit.

Received 911 call from state police reporting a domestic on Governors Drive. Units requesting medical. WFD notified.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports a group of kids on the beach. Unit 92 reports the area is clear.

Saturday, September 7 

Caller on Washington Avenue reports downstairs neighbor has music super loud and he is banging on the walls. Units report speaking to both parties. Music turned down for the night. All quiet for now.

Female on Nahant Avenue came in to report having an argument with her boyfriend. 91 took the report but she wants nothing done. We explained her rights to her. All she wanted was an escort home. 91 obliged.

Mother on Waldemar Avenue reports that her son’s white and blue pegs “Tony Hawk” bicycle was stolen from her front porch. The bicycle is valued at approximately $100.00

Party on Corinha Beach reports she had a window broken on the side of her home last week, which she was unaware of. A young male came to her home today and reported that he broke it while playing street hockey in the park. He told her he would pay for it to be repaired.

Caller on Cross Street reports that an ice cream vendor is parked in the handicapped spot and is creating a safety concern for the children running back and forth to the truck.

E91 wireless transfer from the state about a domestic on Sea Foam Avenue.

Party on Charles Street reports an injured baby skunk is wandering around the area and she is concerned about the kids in the neighborhood. ACO notified and will respond to handle the matter.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that his brother is suffering from withdrawals and needs to go to the hospital. WFD and EMS contacted. Call was made to the party and he will meet the WFD at the door.

Party on Bellevue Avenue reports that he was just assaulted by his neighbor. All parties advised.

Male came in to the station to report being threatened and harassed. Victim/Witness form provided. Officer was dispatched to Waldemar Avenue to speak with a male and to advise him to stay away from subject and his family. While on the scene, the subject stated he wanted to file a report at the station regarding the incident.

Caller from Atlantis Marina Condos report a fight in the rear of the parking lot. Officers report speaking with a group of youths who were on their way to a boat at the docks. They were just “horsing” around.

Sunday, September 8 

Caller from Washington Avenue reports guys fighting. Units report area is clear.

Male came to the station to report that he went to pick up his child on Linden Street. No one answers the door and he tried many times and waited a while. This is against a court order.

Party from Seal Harbor is trying to reach his son as he is in the hospital and needs money. Son was contacted and he will respond.

Caller reports juveniles arguing with older male at Odd Fellows Lodge. Argument was over parking issue. Nothing showed upon arrival.

Reports of a husky dog on Hermon Street. ACO please take note.

Party on Waldemar Avenue came in to report threats.

Revere PD wishes us to contact individual on Cottage Park Road about a stolen motor vehicle plate. Officer went by the house, no one home. Could not confirm if subject lives there. RPD notified.

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