Police Blotter 08-29-2013

Sunday, August 18 

Caller on Tewksbury Street states that a male is kicking his front door and attempting to get in. 93 reports the individual left prior to his arrival.

WFD stated that a motor vehicle crashed into an ambulance on Overlook Drive at Kennedy Road. Units respond and report there is no damage to ambulance. Action Ambulance stated that a vehicle nearly struck them and fled the scene. Additional report came in of a male on the property at Overlook Drive. Units off with male party with a bloody nose. EMTs on the scene. 93 reports one in custody for failing to stop, marked lanes violation and driving under the influence.

Caller at Pleasant Park Yacht Club states that a fight is in progress. Units respond and report all parties left prior to their arrival except one male. No medical needed and all were advised of their rights.

Party on Shirley Street came to the station to report that his vehicle was stolen. He stated that he parked his vehicle on Saturday night in his parking space to his apartment building. Later when he went out for a cigarette he noticed that his car was missing.

Male on Bowdoin Street requests EMS for his mother who is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Previous party on Shirley Street reported that his motor vehicle has been returned by a friend who had a key to it. Vehicle was recovered with no damage done to it. He will have his locks changed to prevent unauthorized use in the future.

Caller reports that a male appears to be sleeping or passed out in the cemetery. W92 reports speaking to male subject who was resting and will now move out of the area.

Caller on Villa Avenue requests officer for a past breaking and entering to his motor vehicle.

Female reports that she is stranded on the breakwater with the Flat on it (5 Sisters). Fire notified. While awaiting the harbormaster, the party walked back to the shore.

Officer reports being flagged down by harbormaster regarding abandoned mobile home at the public landing. Numerous parking tickets affixed.

Two calls of rowdy kids at the Skate Park. 92 Ferullo sent two small groups out of the park and took a bike to the station garage. Small red backtrail Z16 bike, for a kid 4-5 years of age.

Party at the Winthrop Lodge of Elks reports property stolen from his unlocked motor vehicle.

Four in a fight on the porch of the Elks. 93 S. Hickey, 92 Ferullo, 91 Malacasco report one in custody. A second male also in custody. Charges: disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and interference with a police officer.

Monday, August 19 

Call from Seal Harbor regarding male that is banging on the door. Officers report male subject will leave for the day and female will renew her restraining order. Verbal argument only.

Several calls of cars being broken into on Beal Street.

Officer will try to serve subject on Sagamore Avenue with a summons issued by the Malden Court. He reports no one is home.

Officer will try to serve subject at Seal Harbor with a 209A issued by the East Boston Court. He reports the defendant is not there, her brother will inform her of the 209A and bring her to the station Tuesday for her copy.

Officer will try to serve subject on Summit Avenue a 209A issued by the East Boston Court. He reports that the subject came to the station to see if he had a 209A on him. Yes, it was served in hand by Off. Silva.

Caller on Johnson Avenue reports that her 15-year-old daughter is having an allergic reaction to food. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party on Governors Drive reports two cars with individuals inside smoking marijuana. Units report four males out of vehicle visiting a friend. Individuals admitted they were about to smoke a blunt. Parties sent back inside to their apartments.

Many calls of a motor vehicle accident on River Road. 92 Ferullo, 91 Bonavita, 93 Silva report two motor vehicles. Both owned by same party. One party in custody on assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Other party will be charged with a D/W. Car will be towed.

Cab company reports a male with four kids and wigs acting strange. Bonavita will check the area. 93 A. Hickey stopped the motor vehicle and reports that silly girls were teasing friends at Blackstrap Café.

Tuesday, August 20 

Female on Ingleside Avenue called to report that her husband needs an ambulance. Fire notified.

E911 hang-up on Adams Street with yelling in the background. Officers report argument between mother and daughter about going to school. Matter settled.

Off. Carter was flagged down by a resident on Beal Street reporting that his vehicle was broken into.

Female on Quincy Avenue called regarding someone going through her trash and then tipping over the barrels. Officer and Code Enforcement Officer will check it out. They report finding the lady and giving her the talk. She understood and picked up the barrel.

Officer will again try to serve a summons on Sagamore Avenue issued by the Malden Court. He reports speaking with a family member. The summons is an in-hand service, so subject was told to come to the station for his copy.

Female on Governors Drive came in to report that she has been threatened and harassed.

Det. Callinan and Off. Perrin will assist the Boston Police on an investigation. They report the property involved in a past theft has been recovered and Boston will handle any further summons or Court action if needed.

The subject in the Malden Court summons came to the station and picked up his copy.

Female called to report that she learned that $140 plus a $3 late fee was taken from her joint account with her late husband last Wednesday. The amount was removed from her Bank of America accounting using an ATM card at Citizen’s Bank. A report has been made with BOA and they require that it be reported to the police.

Female on Washington Avenue reports that her bicycle and the bicycle of a guest have been taken from a common storage area in the building that is locked. Missing are a Giant Model Iguana, red and wine in color with a black wire basket and water bottle holder. This bike is a man’s mountain bike with a decal with the word REAL. The second bike is a red and silver Huffy mountain bike belonging to a guest. The bikes were last seen on Friday.

Woman found a dog at Coughlin Park. Small sandy colored Lapso Apso or Shitzu. ACO has dog.

Multiple calls of a motorcycle crash Revere Street at Deane Avenue. Fire notified. All units notified to respond. G&J notified. One transported.

Female on Winthrop Street complaining of a dog barking. ACO not available. 93 DeCarlo will try and locate the owner.

Wednesday, August 21 

Detective from Grand Rapids, Michigan Auto Theft Unit would like us to check on Highland Avenue to see if subject resides there. Officer reports that he was unable to make contact with a party who resides there who stated that the subject is believed to be out of the country at this time.

Party on Bates Avenue reports that she just woke up and noticed her AC was pushed in onto the floor of her home. She believes someone had attempted to break in.

Caller reports that an elderly male walks by her home each day on Waldemar Avenue drinking a nip and then disposes of it in the sewer. Party is believed to reside in the area. Officer reports checking the area to no avail. He did speak with a party who believes it to be a neighbor of his. He will have a word with the man.

Elderly caller on Shore Drive reports that her niece from London stayed with her for several seeks and just left today, and took a lot of jewelry. Officer knows the woman and her family, spoke with the daughter, who states that her mother is suffering from dementia, and that she has her mother’s jewelry in safekeeping.

Caller reports kids in a small black VW, possibly trying to get someone to buy alcohol for them at Thompson Towne Liquor.

Loud kids in parking lot at Governors Drive.

Male reports two car breaks on River Road.

Male on Cottage Park Road reports that his motor vehicle was entered and a Tom Tom GPS was taken. He left it open.

Party on Elmwood Avenue reports that someone went through her unlocked vehicle. Nothing taken according to the caller.

Party came into the station with a wallet with ID he found on the street on Bowdoin Street. Officer went to the owner’s address and reports speaking with the owner who told the officer that his credit cards were stolen from the wallet. Three credit cards were found inside the cemetery belonging to the above subject. Officer went by his home and reports the party has left the house. Officer left a note and will return them back to the station.

Party reports two deceased skunks in the street near the Landing. Also one deceased skunk near Main Street and Marshall Street. Message left for ACO.

Another case of someone going through an unlocked vehicle on Ocean View Street. Nothing seems to be stolen.

Thursday, August 22 

Officer was flagged down by a resident on River Road who had his unlocked vehicle broken into last evening. Two cell phone chargers were stolen from the vehicle.

Party on Jefferson Street reports that his wife’s truck was broken into through the unlocked door. Party reports a $40 pair of sunglasses was the only thing taken.

Another party on Grandview Avenue reports that her vehicle was entered last evening through an unlocked door. Nothing seems to be missing. The caller would like to see a better police presence in the area, as Grandview Avenue is the new public landing, between people fishing, drinking, and smoking pot along the wall. She was advised to call when she sees any of these activities taking place.

Party on Brewster Avenue reports that someone entered her unlocked car and rummaged through her property. She does not believe anything was stolen and will lock her car in the future.

Male on Tafts Avenue came in to report several issues with his landlord entering his apartment without notice and leaving him letters that he will not be renewing his lease that is due to expire on September 30, 2013. He also reported feeling threatened by his landlord and stated he made some racially motivated statements that were very disturbing to him. He will consult with a housing attorney and will evaluate his options. He will also file a victim/witness form and was advised of his rights.

Party on Douglas Street reports that her son’s 5 year old 26 inch Mongoose bike, color silver/black, black seat, wide tires, crooked right hand brake handle was stolen from the backyard. Approximate value $150. Party will call back if it is located.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports that his vehicle was broken into last night. Entry gained from partially opened window. Taken were an Iphone, GPS, digital camera and several CD’s.

Caller reports a 7-foot tender, dark blue, gray interior, missing from the Cottage Park Yacht Club. No identifying numbers. Taken sometime within the last ten days. Harbormaster will be notified.

Friday, August 23 

Party on Pleasant Street reports that the stove they were baking in is on fire. WFD contacted and will respond.

Caller on Johnson Avenue reports a resident there appears confused walking around the street. WFD contacted and will respond.

Party on Franklin Street reports that his bank account was compromised and has been losing money for almost two years. He was advised to contact the credit union where it can be investigated further. He will call back Monday to speak with a detective.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reports that a dirt bike is being driven up and down the street and is very loud. Officer spoke to the driver and reports that the bike is legally registered. They will cease for the night.

Caller on Read Street reports that her daughter has boys in the basement. Units report the basement is empty. She will seek CHINS on Monday.

Party on Girdlestone Road reports fraud. Officer spoke with female and she stated she gave her social security and bank information to a person saying they will send her a new medical card. Phone number was traced to out of country. Caller was advised to contact the bank and credit card company.

Caller reports a past attempted breaking and entering into the Winthrop Lodge of Elks.

Verbal altercation on Girdlestone Road. Son sent to Whidden for evaluation.

Female on Buchanan Street wants her 22-year-old son to leave for the evening. Subject left prior to their arrival.

Caller complaining of group of youths gathering on the beach at Bayview Avenue. W92 reports small fire and having the group extinguish it.

Party reports skateboarding at Oddfellows parking lot. Off. Hagemeister reports a quiet couple sitting on the wall.

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