Eric Gaynor Will Be Missed: Eric Did a Great Job with the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce

Eric Gaynor has quietly and efficiently built the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce into one of the largest and most effective business organizations in the state, its 400 members far eclipsing the membership of other chambers in communities the size of Winthrop.

But while there is strength in numbers, what Eric and the board of directors have also been able to accomplish is to make the Chamber a highly visible group in the town and one that didn’t back down from speaking out about issues affecting the business community. We point to the recent appearance by Dr. Paul McGee, Chamber president, at a Town Council meeting when he spoke against the installation of parking meters in the Shirley Street business district. McGee and Gaynor presented a petition that was signed by business owners and the proposal did not go forward.

One of the top annual community events  — the Chamber of Commerce Kickoff Gala and Awards Night Dinner — in which residents, business owners, teachers, and students  are recognized for their community service and excellence has flourished under Eric’s direction. The event  always is sold out and the honorees note how appreciative they are to receive such a prestigious town-wide award. We hope that the Chamber of Commerce will invite Eric to next year’s gala so he can receive one of those warm standing ovations that make that event so special.

The recent success and tremendous crowd at the Family Day at The Beach event is another sign that when Eric and the board put their combined energies into an event, it becomes one that people look forward to year after year.

What we’re trying to say is that Eric Gaynor has run a first-class, accessible, and friendly Chamber of Commerce office that always has reached out to business owners to lend a helping hand in making their businesses as successful as they can be.

Eric said it was a tough decision to leave the organization and its membership, but he wants to pursue a different career path that begins with his returning to study in the field of accounting.

Eric will be staying on through mid-September, as he wanted to make sure that the Taste of Winthrop event proceeds smoothly. And Eric and his family will continue to live in our town, participate in our events, and contribute to the betterment of our community.

On behalf of the town and the business community, we say thank you, Eric Gaynor, for your outstanding work as the executive director of the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce.

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