Full Moon Music Nights on July 26

When the full moon gleams into the wide windows of Beacon Photography during Full Moon Music Nights, it shrouds a white, mystical glow over the studio. Children dance around the gallery beneath the pearly, globe paper lanterns that sway slightly from the ceiling. Like the lunar orb, they hang hypnotically from the elevated, tin ceiling, and illuminate the musicians.

“I’m trying to get people engaged,” says John Munson, Beacon Photography Owner. “It’s a cultural community event for all kinds of ages.”

Through word of mouth, Munson learns about musicians from various genres and invites them to perform at his studio. He has welcomed classically trained pianists, opera and folk singers, and students from Berklee College of Music.

“We’ve had a lot of very talented musicians here,” Munson says. “It’s wonderful and ends up being really magical.”

While the musicians play, Munson enjoys photographing them quietly while they are in their element.

Full Moon Music Nights coincide with exhibitions, so guests are constantly introduced to new artists and are surrounded by creativity and passion.

The next Music Night is July 26 at 7pm (and again Aug. 9). Munson will be featuring a collection of his personal photographs from the Grand Canyon, the Maine wilderness, Yellowstone National Park, night photography, agrarian pictures, and images taken around Boston and Cape Code.

“I like giving people a venue to share their work,” Munson says.

Learn more about upcoming Full Moon Nights and how to participate by calling Beacon Photography at (617) 848-8299 or email at www.BeaconPhotos.com.

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