Police Blotter 06-20-2013

Monday, June 10

Caller reports his son is out of control. Officers report verbal and the son will be leaving for the night with his mother.

Police responding to assist with a lock out of a residence.

Lt. Perrin received a report of a disturbance. Units report, subject looking for recyclables.

Deliver driver reports business in unsecured and nobody on site.

Party reports her 16-year-old niece has run away.

Units will attempt to serve a warrant of protective custody for a juvenile female.

Party came in to report she was assaulted by her boyfriend. Attempt to locate the suspect was unsuccessful.

Lifeline reports party needs assist. Call back to cancel.

Party reports he is receiving harassing & threatening phone calls from an ex-girlfriend.

Walk in to report she lost her phone in the center area Thursday night. It was a Sprint HTC.

Caller reports a male sitting on her front stairs. Stated he went into the backyard and may have looked into other cars on the street.

Party reports being assaulted by three males.

Party came to station requesting to speak to an officer in regards for information on a restraining order on behalf of her grandchild.

Party informed of active 209A over the phone.

Vehicle towed from Walden St. for parking tickets.


Chief reports alarm activation for the Biggio Insurance Co., appears to be fire alarms. WFD notified and responded. Officer reports accidental trip by an employee.

Vehicle parked on wrong side of road.

Party requests an officer to Bowdoin St. for a minor motor vehicle collision. No injuries reported.

Party reports a Coyote is lurking around the area along the marsh side of the street.

Officer assisted traffic entering and exiting the school zone.

Caller reports his ex-girlfriend is calling him in violation of the 209a. Order was issued yesterday.

Party reports her mother is having chest pain, call transferred to Action EMD for service.

Caller reports she had to leave her friends house as the adult son was out of control and yelling at his mother. She is afraid he will hurt the mother.

Tuesday, June 11

911 transferred from State. Caller reports fare evasion. Two more 911 calls. Fare evasion turned into an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. State took one in custody, operator of cab taken to Whidden.

Party reports several large unleashed dogs attacking her leashed small dog.

Party requesting an ambulance for his girlfriend not feeling well.

Party requests assist, difficulty breathing.

Party requesting an ambulance for her mother.

Party reports subject is wanted and is residing at the Ocean Spray Inn. He is not at the resident at this time.

Above party came in to report he will be at 2 addresses in Town with the National Grid Replevin Program.

Party reports she is visiting and there is a strong order of natural gas in the rear of Apt. 1. WFD notified and cleared the building and located the source of the odor.

Party reported to Officer Armitstead a vehicle parked there for several weeks without moving.

Abandoned E911 call from the above location. Several call back attempts unsuccessful. WFS also responded there. WFD reports problem with the medical alert system.

Party reports his motor vehicle was struck sometime overnight in the parking lot of the complex.

Caller asked for a police escort to bring his son to the hospital. He refused medical, said he would bring him in on his own.

Party reports lost or stolen wallet from food pantry, no money in wallet just paperwork & ID.

Party was waiting in the station lobby since 6 p.m. for his probation officer. He wanted it logged that he was here, if she showed up.

Party reports while arguing with her next-door neighbor, the woman damaged her front door.

Caller reports suspicious person dressed in black climbing the fence out of the golf course near the maintenance shed.

Officer reports no obvious signs of a break, and no one in the area.

Party reports she was “scammed” twice in the past few days. Once by a false check for $4000 and then by credit card for $6000. She reported to the appropriate financial industries.

13-year-old male to MGH for evaluation.

Thursday, June 13

Female caller reports hearing a woman screaming across the way but she is unfamiliar with the address. She reports it sounds like a domestic taking place. Officers report hearing people talking on the upper floor. Officer made contact and report a female saw a spider and screamed for her friend to come kill it. She was advised to please keep the noise down.

Party reports a motor vehicle is blocking his driveway. Officer located the visitor at another address nearby and had the vehicle moved.

Party reports a hole in the roadway that may need to be addressed. DPW advised.

Party requesting an ambulance for her father. WFD notified.

Reports of a MOV near the above location, officer responded and reports a MVC.

Detail officer reports the traffic pattern will be modified in the above area during utility work. WFD notified.

US marshals request a unit there to assist with a possible warrant service.  W93 responded and reports they couldn’t locate the subject. Officer was cleared from the scene.

Party reports a black Chevy Tahoe has been parked there several days without a permit or moving.

Party reports a Home Depot delivery truck needs assistance in the area due to the parked vehicles on both sides.

Party requesting the Police to assist his wife having an issue with the Jehovah’s outside her residence.

Party reports numerous vehicles due to the detour going through the Stop sign in violation and a blue motor vehicle just stuck a parked vehicle and fled toward Franklin St.

Party reports she has involved in a minor MVC but there is an infant in the car and the caller is nervous. WFD and EMS dispatched to assist. Nobody injured, officer assisted in exchanging paperwork.

Party reports he evicted a tenant this past Wednesday and is now receiving harassing and annoying phone calls from him on his home phone from a restricted number.

Party reports a tractor trailer hung up making the turn.

Party reports the upstairs tenant is making an extreme amount of noise. Officer went to the location and did not hear any loud noise coming from apt.

Party reports receiving several strange phone calls informing him he owns a large amt. of money and a motor vehicle. Caller advised to ignore it as it is a scam.

Party reports motor vehicle was repossessed.

Friday, June 14

Mother came to station to report receiving blocked calls from an unknown female who threatens to kidnap her baby.

Party came to the station reporting last Friday a white female and white male posing as Comcast workers knocked on his door. When he opened the door they started questioning him about the whereabouts of his niece and called him by the name Anthony. He then slammed the door and called the police. Party also provided a plastic bag the female was carrying with a small clipboard inside with Comcast receipt clipped to it.

Party called to report a male in the hallway.

Caller reports loud domestic disturbance. Units report mother and teenage daughter arguing.

Sgt. Crisafi reports going off on an investigation regarding harassment.

Directed patrol of the rear entrance to the Cummings School.  Traffic dropping off the students was heavy due to the rain.

Directed patrol of the Walden St. area. There is no flooding to report at his time.

Above subject flagged down officer Carter to report someone kicked his rear basement door, he and his family were home, the noise of them must have scared the culprit.

Male called for ambulance

Caller reported receiving death threats from a blocked number.

MIG requests that PM and overnight officers perform frequent checks of area behind Simiones.

Caller reports getting into an altercation with an aggressive driver.

Caller reports damage done to his building by one of his tenants.

Caller reports having a problem with her landlord and would like to fill criminal charges for several issues.

Report of a male walking up and down Crest Ave. selling jewelry out of a bag.

Caller requesting info on parking in the center end of Cottage Park.

Lt. responded and located one needle and brought it to the station for disposal.

Det. from station 7 asked for some police reports regarding threats from a previous domestic matter.

Hot Diggity called reported a patron in the store requesting an ambulance.

Caller reports the people living upstairs in the apt./condo overhead allow their children to run in the apt. The caller reports that the 2 yr. old runs across the floor at 6 a.m. Reports that his wife is recovering and has health issues and the noise is bothersome. Advised to called Condo Assoc.

Multiple calls and walk-ins regarding a telephone solicitation from a police association. Possible the Mass. Police Assoc. Our local is not having a fundraiser at this time.

Male called to report middle schoolers are ringing doorbells and running around the area.

Caller reports a large group congregated across the street. Caller states she was told to call as the group usually leaves trash in the area.

Calls regarding the metal plates. Report was that they were noisy as cars were going over them. Steve Calla was contacted and said that the plates belonged to the gas. Co. as they were working there.

Several calls of two youths in the area. Caller reports that her fence was broken by them.

Saturday, June 15

Caller reports pump still on at golf course. Call made to trustee Todd Green who said pumping was to alleviate mosquitoes and he’ll attempt to get it turned off.

Property owner reports a landscape company parks in front of his garage with decomposing yard waste that smells very offensive and leaks onto he public way and sidewalk despite asking him not to do it several times.

Party brought in a wallet she found.

Party reports an unwanted guest in the store. Officer spoke to the subject and filed report.

Off duty Revere officer requests a unit respond for 3 suspicious black males in a silver sedan bearing a NH plate. Officers report motor vehicle had left the area prior to arrival.

Party reports her husband won’t give her back cell phone and he is giving her a hard time. Officer reports the caller is intoxicated and was advised to go back inside the home.

Party reports someone struck her motor vehicle and now the front bumper is hanging completely off. Officer will assist her.

Party reported a man down on the Shirley St. side of the store. WFD and EMS notified, officer reports subject transported to MGH.

Caller reports boat trailer obstructing street after breaking away from vehicle.

Party reports a person wrapped in a blanket and is possibly dead. Officer responded and reports a female lying on the blanket.

Caller reports kids on side of building making loud noises.

Party reports someone or something lurking on the other side of the fence making noises. Officer reports nothing showing.

Sunday, June 16

Party reports some type of alarm sounding in the area, she is not sure where it’s coming from Officer reports alarm sounding at Sagamore St.

Caller reports discovering blood all over the trunk of her motor vehicle. W92 reports speaking with caller who stated she recalled hearing some type of altercation around 10 p.m. yesterday evening. W92 reports observing a small amount of blood on the trunk appears to be smudged by a human hand.

Party requests an officer respond for her husband who is acting up. Officers report verbal disagreement; female will leave for a while.

Cell phone caller reports the construction plates for the National Grid dig site in the area of Revere St. and Governor’s Dr. have come loose.

Party reports the above motor vehicle is being operating in an erratic manner by a young driver. MV is listed as a rental.

Prisoner reports he swallowed a bag containing Heroin when he was arrested on Friday. He is afraid it will break open. WFD and EMS notified.

Party reports her 15-year-old daughter is acting up, struck her and left the house without shoes on. Officer spoke with both parties and peace has been restored.

Caller reports his mother is a cancer patient, is having complications and her doctor advised her to be transported by ambulance to be evaluated.

Party reports a female is under the influence, the caller observed her taking pills. WFD and EMS notified.

2 fisherman came in with a burial urn they found floating in the Channel.

Resident states every Sunday night, green SUV is parked on street with visitor pass and driver returns on Saturday.

Ongoing noise complaints.

Monday, June 17

Officers spoke wit h several men sitting on stairs of home. They denied involvement in noisy behavior.

W91 off with four individuals on beach. Report operator unable to drive, all others unlicensed. Winthrop Taxi called to drive parties to Hawthorne St.

Caller requesting ambulance for wife in extreme pain.

Lifeline called to report a 72-year old has fallen and is lying on the floor. Fire notified.

Officers will try to arrest a female subject on a Warrant of Apprehension, they report taking into Custody the female and she is being transported to the Court House with her brother on board.

Report of a possible domestic on Yirrel Beach. Officers report from witnesses that a male was beating a female and pushing her to the ground. Officers located the male, who stated just a verbal, but the female was seen by witnesses to be running off and could not be located.

Male requests an ambulance for his wife.

Doctor reports patient having trouble breathing and is requesting an ambulance.

Report of three black males with a bat are there outside in the street. They appear ready to fight. A second call came in reporting that more people are arriving.

Caller reports a very large tree fell into her yard in the back of her house.

Tuesday, June 18

Male reports a couple of guys arguing.

Caller states a rear end motor vehicle accident with no apparent injuries and request police. Units respond and report minor accident.

Detail officer reports a citizen reported safety concerns in the Housing Complex due to a work crew in the area.

Dead Possum in the street. Caller states he will put it in a bag. Animal control will respond

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