Police Blotter 04-25-2013

Monday, April 15

Two calls of motor vehicle accident at Holy Rosary Church. Caller reported male driver exited the vehicle and could not stand up. Officers report having the operator under arrest for driving under the influence and unlicensed operation.

Report of a syringe on Main Street.

Party on Kennedy Road reports that her ex-husband is there and she would like him out of the house. Officers report subject got dressed and was escorted out of the building.

Sister Jane called reporting that St. John’s Evangelist Church was broken into last night. Officer requested detective for fingerprinting. Det. Callinan is on duty and will respond.

Party reports that he received a text message from his answering service this morning reporting a resident on Revere Street hit her head and was having difficulty writing. He requested a well being check. 91 Perrin spoke to the subject who stated she is fine and had her ringer volume down low.

Caller reports an individual experiencing a seizure at RPM Fitness. WFD notified.

Motorist stopped at Cumberland Farms for violating the use of HP placard. Situation issued in hand.

Taxi driver reported to officer that his wallet and satchel were taken last evening by a male he dropped off near Grovers Avenue. Officer went by the address to attempt to speak with the male party. Officer reports no answer at either door. Driver will call back if he happens upon the subject again.

Woman called reporting that her 13-year-old daughter was being threatened by a contractor on Jefferson Street relative to some wet cement being tampered with. Officer reports speaking with four teenage girls who gave him information on the construction truck. Officer will contact the owner of the construction company.

Party brought in a Bank of America debit card she found at one of the graveyards. No phone for party. Placed under front counter.

Caller reports that a passenger fell getting out of the Ride and hit his head on Kennedy Road. WFD notified.

Officers assisted T Police by searching the station at Suffolk Downs for suspicious packages.

Officers assisted T Police by searching the station at Orient Heights for suspicious packages.

Officers assisted T Police by searching the station at Wood Island for suspicious packages.

Officers assisted T Police by searching the station at Airport for suspicious packages.

Officers report T Police present and there was no action needed.

Officers assisted T Police by searching the station at Maverick for suspicious packages.

A vehicle was parked in the handicap parking spot at Winthrop Market without a placard/plate. A $300 parking ticket was issued.

Tuesday, April 16

Caller reports smoke in the house on Sewall Avenue. Fire notified. Fire reports a slight smoke condition due to a burning baby bottle. WFD venting. Officer reports that all back in the house.

Male came into the station complaining of chest and arm pain. Fire notified. Party was transported.

Party reports a lumber truck just lost part of his load on Pleasant Street. Officers report there is a sign damaged and needs to be removed or replaced ASAP.

Officer reports Pathfinder Tree Service is obstructing the lane of travel and blowing debris all over the street. Officer had them cease operation and DPW Esposito will go by the address and speak with them regarding the matter.

Party on Shirley Street called on 1212 line reporting that a friend is having a medical issue. WFD and EMS contacted and will respond.

Excited party on Revere Street reports that his girlfriend is about to give birth. WFD contacted directly and will respond with EMS to the address.

Motor vehicle stopped for crosswalk violation on Revere Street. Operator will be cited.

Party on Morton Street requesting an ambulance for a psychological evaluation. WFD notified. Patient was transported to the Whidden for examination.

Female caller reports a camera like device is sitting on the wall opposite Hawthorne Avenue. Officer reports it’s a diabetes blood check instrument.

Walk-in to report a suspicious person she used to rent to on Wadsworth Avenue. Subject stated he used different names and is from Iran. She stated he was in flight school but left after a few months and he moved out of town. She gave me the list of names with a social security number and stated he moved out on 8/12, but after the attack yesterday, she was afraid it was him. I asked why she thought it was him and she stated he was from Iran and worked in Boston. The names are the same; just some had a middle name used. Subject comes back living out of Winthrop on Veterans Road. No criminal history and clean driving record. At this time, the call is unfounded.

Party came to the station to report a past domestic on Hermon Street. ERO issued. Faxed to Lynn for service.

Caller from Chester Avenue repots a fraudulent use of her Citizens Bank Visa debit card for $210 by a person on Putnam Street. She notified her bank and they are looking into it.

Party from Governors Drive reports hearing a scream in the hall. While officer was on the scene, a 911 call came in from male stating that he just left apartment on Governors Drive after his girlfriend was yelling at him. He took his 8-year-old son and is going to a hotel for the night. He wanted it logged in so there was no misunderstanding if she calls. Officer went to the apartment to speak to the female.

Wednesday, April 17

On Kennedy Road reports kids being loud at the soccer field. Officer reports a dozen youths sent on their way.

Taxicab operator reports a female passenger took off without paying on Bartlett Road. Unit reports unable to locate the female.

Pastor at St. John’s Church turned in two cameras left at the church.

Party at Web Tekk reported to Lt. Scarpa that he was told by a passerby that there is a man bleeding. Officers request EMS for a male there. WFD and EMS notified.

Report of a kid on Lincoln Street with a possible weapon pointing it at younger children in the playground area. Officers report he was headed toward Read Street. Officers located the subject and are questioning him. Officers report speaking to him and removing the toy gun he had with him. The child was taken home and the officer spoke to his parent.

Multi 911 calls. Persons report a male breaking in to the downstairs apartment on Main Street. Other 911 call was from the apartment saying the man was trying to break in. Then a third 911 call from a person who cut off saying OK – the police are here. Officers report a dispute between ex-roommates on first floor. All parties advised of their rights.

Caller reports a woman carrying a suitcase on her front porch on Shore Drive and will not leave. Officers report female to the Whidden.

Party reports a large group in the gazebo yelling at Ingleside Park. Officer Male subject arrested for disorderly conduct and assault and battery on a police officer.

Thursday, April 18

Report of a dog barking on Tewksbury Street. Owner was awakened and asked to bring the dog inside for the night.

Party on Chester Avenue reports shortness of breath. Call transferred to Action EMD and WFD for service.

Caller from Paine Street reports a silver pick-up with two females walking around in a neighbor’s yard. Units report they are trash collectors looking for scrap. They were sent out of the area for not having a permit to go door to door.

Officer stopped a motor vehicle right outside the police station for violation. Operator was advised to pull over the next time to adjust her cell phone rather than remain at the stop sign.

Friday, April 19

Caller on Locust Street reports that her husband is having a seizure.

Landlord requests a well-being check on a tenant on Chester Avenue. Lt. Scarpa reports nobody home at unit. Landlord advised of rights.

Directed patrol of the bus lines to alert people who were still unaware that public transportation has been suspended while second suspect of Boston Marathon bombing is still at large in the Boston area.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a suspicious item located under a red motor vehicle. Officer Curran reports it is an empty Tupperware container.

Report of a trash truck that had taken down numerous wires. W92 reports cable wires tied up and out of the roadway for the time being.

Report of youths tagging/vandalizing the ramps at the skateboard park on Walden Street.

Call for assistance for an elderly female who has fallen inside the residence on Golden Drive.

Caller reports female “stealing” rocks from the beach at Coughlin Playground. W93 reports speaking with individual who will discontinue this practice.

Party on Pleasant Street reports a strange male knocking on his door stating he is looking for a hotel in town. Party described a having a white cap, blue sports shirt and khaki pants. Units report having subject stopped and he is giving different versions as to why he is here. Fire and ambulance notified. Subject voluntarily transported for evaluation.

Reports that the parents of the party involved in above situation went to her bed and breakfast looking for their son. Parents were contacted and they came to the station where they were informed of their son’s whereabouts by Off. S. Hickey.

Female caller from Viking Gardens reports that kids are on the stairs and they may be smoking “dope”. W93 and W92 responded and the area was clear.

Female from Triton Avenue reports that someone is in her bedroom. 92 Bonavita, 91 Curran, 93 S. Hickey reports -  all clear.

Report of people in the area of Argyle Street. W91, 92 and 93 responded to the area and walked in. Officers report people took off, but left debris of beer cans and patio furniture. Officers had them return to the area to “police” it and remove by carrying out the stuff they brought in.

Initiated a motor vehicle stop on Revere Street, which yielded an arrest.

Subject was arrested for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle and marked lanes violation.

Female on Sturgis Street reports that she has an unwanted guest there that she would like removed. W93 responded and requests Viking to respond. Viking Taxi responded to transport male party to Waltham. Viking called to report that the subject got out of the cab at the Heights. W93 notified.

Saturday, April 20

Woman from Cambridge called to report that a 20-year-old is calling and harassing her. She was advised to report it to Cambridge Police in order to document it.

Caller reports that an elderly female is not feeling well at the Winthrop Lodge of Elks.

Male came in to report that his wallet was lost down in the center area.

Request for ambulance for individual feeling under the weather at the Winthrop Playmakers. Male sent to MGH.

Walk-in to police station to report re-occurring vandalism to his vehicle.

W92 off with motor vehicle. Operator information reveals straight warrant out of Somerville. Male placed in custody and transported to the station for booking.

Vehicle parked/obstructing a handicapped parking spot at Cumberland Farms without a placard/plate. $300 parking ticket was issued.

Male reports that next door there appears to be a grill on fire on Shore Drive. Transferred to WFD and 91 Curran reports that all checked out and made safe.

Another citation for misuse of a handicap placard at Cumberland Farms. $500 fine issued.

Caller from Mobil on Main Street reports that two kids panhandling and bothering customers. 93 DeMayo sent them on their way with a warning.

Female on Main Street called to report that she could see two very young children on the roof. She reports that they go out on the roof and then back in. W91 Off. Curran responds and reports speaking with the two young girls approximately 5 years old and the adult regarding the danger.

Vehicle parked in a handicapped parking spot without a placard/plate on Ocean Avenue. $300 parking ticket issued.

Several reports of a crash on Shore Drive. 93 DeMayo, 91 Curran and WFD responded. State Revere notified. One operator to Whidden. State will handle the matter.

Male reports some type of fire somewhere on Yirrell Beach area. Transferred to fire. W91 met with the caller and all that could be located was a small hibachi that was lit in the area of Shirley Street. WFD checked out the situation. All OK.

Caller on Fairview Street reports that her father fell and she needs an assist to lift him.

W91 Off. Curran in checking the area on the beach on Johnson Avenue reports there is a group of approximately 10 that fled the area. Officer reports they left quite a mess behind. W92 and W93 responded to assist in the area. W91 also reports beer cans also left on the front lawns of properties in the area. W91 did recover an I-phone left behind in a puddle. He will bring the abandoned property to the station.

Sunday, April 21

Report of a car hitting the hydrant on Washington Avenue and then took off. No description. W98 Off. Jaworski responded and reports the hydrant looks OK but was turned a bit. Message left to DPW.

Woman reports that a light and noise inside the school building on Grovers Avenue. 91 Freeman, 92 Ferullo, 98 Jaworski report that all is secure.

Vehicle at Revere Street parking lot parked in the handicapped parking spot without a placard/plate. $300 parking ticket issued.

Another vehicle at Revere Street parking lot parked in the handicap parking spot without a placard/plate. $300 parking ticket issued.

W93 reports an altercation between the operators of two vehicles over a parking issue. W91 assisted and parties left the area separately.

Yet, another vehicle at Revere Street parking lot parked in the handicap parking spot without a placard/plate. $300 parking ticket issued.

Male on Upland Road reports being robbed and assaulted after getting off the train at Beachmont Station. Unsure where exactly as to which jurisdiction, possibly somewhere on the Winthrop Parkway. Victim reports being assaulted as well and gave up his wallet. State notified as well are Revere PD who reports other similar reports. W91 responded to the victim and determined it happened in Revere closer to the station. Victim will contact Revere directly. Suspects described as two black males wearing dark clothing. No weapon. One was tall and other was average height. Information given to Revere.

Call of a woman having chest pains in the lobby of Seal Harbor. Fire notified.

Call of a cab fare evasion on Russell Street. Officer reports unable to locate the subject. ATM card left behind.

Caller on Shirley Street reports finding a safe with a lever in front of his house. Looks like someone tried to open the safe.

Party requests medical for his wife on Kennedy Road. WFD notified.

Grandson calling from Trident Avenue for his grandmother who collapsed.

Neighbor on Cliff Avenue called to request a well-being check on her elderly neighbors. Reports that their dog has been left outside all day, which is unusual, and she has been unable to make contact with them. W93 reports making contact and all is fine.

Reports of three male teens that just jumped the fence to the old hospital property. Officers located the parties who are locals and sent them from the area.

Lt. Scarpa reports that there is a dead skunk in the area of Main Street. ACO notified.

Father requests medical for his son at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. Transferred to EMS and fire notified.

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