Police Blotter 04-04-2013

Monday, March 25

Party on Revere Street reports that someone passed off a counterfeit $100.00 bill to him as payment. Officer will file a report and follow up with detectives.

Report of smoke alarms sounding in the hallways. No smoke showing. WFD notified.

Party reports 78-year-old male on Tileston Road is having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Visiting Nurse is in the lobby at Governors Drive. She is unable to gain entry as the resident is down on the floor. WFD notified.

Caller on Johnson Avenue reports that her daughter is having difficulty breathing. Transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Officer reports red motor vehicle was seen in the area of Brown’s Drug with two black males staring into storefronts. Officer will check the center area for the subjects.

Nurse reports that a client on Morton Street fell and hit his head. Transferred to EMD.

Call from Crystal Cove Avenue of a man fainting. EMD transfer.

Caller on Marshall Street reports being punched and attacked by another dog walker. Officer reports she does not want to press any charges and just wants an entry in the computer.

Mother and grandfather on Pleasant Street came to the station to report daughter having been transported to MGH Boston for narcotic abuse.

Lifeline called reporting a 78-year-old male at Governors Drive fell and needs help getting up. WFD has been notified.

Resident at Governors Drive reports three males, early 20’s, smoking marijuana in hallway at side door nearest dumpster. W91, W92 report.

Tuesday, March 26

Report of a needle on Beal Street at Main Street. Officer reports he has it secured.

Report of an elderly person on Plummer Avenue has fallen. WFD will assist him.

EB Health on Sturgis Street called to report that someone fell. WFD notified.

Female on Quincy Avenue called to report that she heard a bang and then one of her windows shattered. Officer report the screen is okay. It may have been a defect in its installation.

Follow-up at Winthrop Lodge of Elks on a larceny. Officer off to retrieve video evidence. Evidence located. Job well done.

Male called to report that his boat at Crystal Cove Marina was broken into. Officer reports that someone did enter the boat.

Call from female on Tewksbury Street to report that her credit card information was stolen and she was informed that a package was ordered on her card. Right now outside her house is a jeep with two people in it and she thinks they may be waiting for the package. Officers report checking out the vehicle and the two people in it.

Subject on Golden Drive called to report that someone called to ask her about her debit card information. She did not give them anything, but she did give the number that called her to the officer.

Call for medical assistance on Ocean View Street. Officer and fire report female subject was brought back and he volunteered to be transported.

Walk-in to the station to report the theft of a package delivered on March 15 at 1 p.m. The package contained sweaters and was valued at $75.00.

Caller on Court Road called the station to report that two very young children trying to get let into the house. Caller had been walking by and noticed them crying and banging on the door. Caller also tried to raise someone inside to let the children in. W91 Off. Curran responded and in the interim mother opened the door. Story is that the mother was on the couch and did not realize that the children had gone out on their own.

W91 and W93 responded to serve warrant on Quincy Avenue.

Mother reports that her daughter was at the playground this afternoon behind the Gorman-Ft. Banks School and lost a large white envelope, which contained her unemployment check.

Female came into the station to inquire if we knew the whereabouts of her boyfriend, who was supposed to pick her up at work in Boston tonight. He did not show up. She said he had her car. A check on the plate reveals it had not been towed or queried.

Male came to the station to report being locked out of his girlfriend’s home where he had been staying for the past eight months.

Female called to report an additional incident of fraudulent use of her credit cards. She had made an earlier report today. She will come to the station tomorrow to make a complete report so that al the information is together. Caller believes that this may be related to the theft of her father’s wallet on March 17 at Target in Revere.

Wednesday, March 27

Male on Shore Drive reports a loud bang and disturbance in an apartment. Sgt. Crisafi and Curran, 93 S. Hickey and 91 Freeman report that peace is restored and tenant left for the night. However, another male subject there was wanted in three separate cases with threats and intimidation of witnesses. Three warrants, one in custody. Violent individual. “Real” nice job by officers.

Caller on Prospect Avenue requesting medical attention for wife’s severe back problem.

Received a warrant of apprehension for male subject on Pleasant Street. Officers report they have him and W92 is transporting him to the Court House. Subject is from East Boston, but has warrant of apprehension out of Winthrop.

Female came to the station to report the theft of her coat from the Winthrop Lodge of Elks.

Female on Orlando Avenue called to report a theft from her home.

Officer has motor vehicle stopped for going the wrong way on a one-way street (Hagman Road). Also in the citation, operator who has no license, just an ID. The vehicle owner just moved to Morton Street and has a Texas license. Operator cited for one-way violation and no license. Owner cited for allowing an unlicensed person to operate.

Officer Curran was directing traffic on Revere Street at Kennedy road for the children leaving school. While at the crossing, a motor vehicle went around a young man in a wheelchair while she was in the crossing. Officer will issue a citation. Female operator was very upset when told she was getting a citation.

Party on George Street reports that when she came home her front door was wide open. Door left open by accident. No break.

E911 transfer to report a man in a wheelchair is stuck in a hole on Ocean View Street. Officer reports a front wheel on the motorized wheelchair has broken off. Officer will come to the station and pick up the wagon. He and the WFD will put it on the wagon and take the individual home. All went well.

Female on Revere Street called to report that she owns the house and her ex-boyfriend called her and said he is going to the house to break in. Officer reports that the area is clear.

Officer will try to serve male on Cross Street a 209A issued by the East Boston court.

Male came to the station again after being to East Boston Court, where he was advised to come to the station for an escort to the property on Revere Street to pick up his belongings. Owner of property and ex-girlfriend had called earlier regarding this situation. Lt. DeLeo called the female owner and left a message regarding the pick-up of the male’s property.  A message was left. Property owner never called the station back regarding arrangements for male to pick up his belongings, including his cat. According to cat owner, female texted him earlier regarding not feeding the cat. Also male has his medications in the apartment and has been without them for four days.

Plaintiff on a 209 that was issued today called to report that the subject was at her door on Kennedy Road. She reports that he is ringing her bell and banging on her door. W98 Lt. Scarpa located subject on Almont Street. W93 Off. S. Hickey served him in hand. W93 responded to the plaintiff’s residence to speak with her, as she was upset.

Woman on Cutler Street complains that she is handicapped and could not park in a designated space. 91 Freeman reports that a motor vehicle parked there does not have any handicapped signs or plate. It will be tagged.

Thursday, March 28

Received a call that a gold car with high school age kids is driving wild on Johnson Avenue. Officer Carter reports locating vehicle and spoke to the young driver and he got the message.

Male caller on Governors Drive reports someone having a seizure. Fire notified.

Female called to report that there is a woman that directs traffic and yells at people at the school bus stop near Holy Rosary Church. Today she jumped in front of her car and went wild about something. This is not the first time an event similar had happened. She just wanted this on record.

Male on Walden Street called to report that his father needs medical help. Fire notified.

Calls of a red van parked at the bottom of Amelia Avenue. Officer Carter reports there is a van there and the owner is homeless. A note was left for him to move it. Placed on 72-hour list.

Call of an odor of gas in the area of Somerset Terrace. Fire notified.

Female from Governors Park came to the station to report that she lost her black leather purse with a driver’s license, Bank of America debit card, Mass health card and others. She was told to cancel everything and come in Friday for a copy.

Officer manager at Amirault Law Offices reports there is a disgruntled client who made threats.

Someone called from Overlook Drive and reports being robbed again. W91 Off. Curran responded.

Report of a male on Revere Street was in a violation zone near the high school for one minute. They will notify his P.O.

Party on Shirley Street reports that her husband is intoxicated and he is banging on the door.

Friday, March 29

Units have one in custody. Subject was armed with a knife when arrested. Caller advised of her rights to a 209A, but declined at this time.

Female caller reports men in camouflage clothes on with guns in marsh area near Sunnyside Avenue. They could be hunters. She stated they never are back there. A male also called and said there is no hunting. When asked if they fired a weapon, he said, “I did not hear one.” The female caller also did not hear a weapon fired. Officer reports that kids are playing war with “Air Soft Guns”. No real weapons and the kids are known to us.

Caller reports there may be water leak issue in the area of Enfield Road. Esposito notified and will check the area.

Female on Bowdoin Street called to report she has been receiving messages from her boyfriend who stated to her that he wants to kill himself. He just got out of the hospital. Officers report he was cleared and he stated it was a miscommunication. Female was told this and she wants him checked. She was told to call the WFD herself and ask if they will go back. After speaking with female, Fire Captain Moses believes the male should be checked out. Officers report he is being transported to the Whidden. Female was notified.

Officer Curran reports that he caught three Middle School kids smoking a reefer under one of the ramps at the Skate Board Park.

Call that a female on Willow Avenue needs to go to the hospital. Fire and Action notified.

Units report speaking to two suspicious individuals on Shore Drive. W98 requested on the scene. Units report removing items for further tests.

Caller reports four-year-old girl behind the barriers at the Dunkin Donuts at the bridge, by herself, while her older brother and a friend were fishing. Units report having brother taking his sister home for safety concerns at the bridge.

A call from Kennedy Road was received from a female reporting that her ex-boyfriend was at her door yelling and waving his served 209 around. Male had been served by Off. S. Hickey on 3/27 and advised of its contents. All units responded to the area and to Cross Street where male lives, but he could not be located.

Saturday, March 30

Caller reports of a group of males being loud at Executive Apartments.

Party reports a white male in the area of Shirley Street walking back and forth. He has been doing this for a while. Subject known and was waiting for a friend to go to sleep.

Two calls of a loud explosion on Birch Road, followed by a power outage. WFD notified.

W92 Off. Romeo off on a well-being check on Bellevue Avenue. Reports all okay. Party had been sleeping.

Elderly female on Birch Road concerned about a loud noise she head. Doesn’t know if it was inside her home or outside. W91 Off. Flintoff checked it out. Blown transformer in the area.

City of Chelsea broadcast that a motor vehicle stolen from their city being operated by an unlicensed driver. Vehicle not listed as stolen in Messenger System. Last observed on Revere Beach Blvd. eastbound. Updated broadcast Chelsea PD reports status is now Use Without Authority.

Resident on Tafts Avenue called to complain about several tour buses coming in and out of Deer Island. Party advised to voice her concerns to the Office of the Town Manager and the MWRA.

Attorney reports he is representing an estate on Cutler Street and has discovered a firearm that he would like to turn in.

Officers request EMS for an evaluation on Sturgis Street. Officers report there is no crime, verbal only. Son transported to Whidden for evaluation.

Caller on Johnson Avenue reports four youths going in backyards. Officers dispersed the group.

Sunday, March 31

Female turned in a wallet she found on Crest Avenue. Owner of wallet has three numbers in our system. Each number was tried with no luck. Subject is listed out of a residence in Boston.

Party reports a telephone pole appears to have been struck by a motor vehicle on Shirley Street and has apparent damage. WFD notified to evaluate the safety of the pole. 91 report that Pole #173 is comprised and there is damage to the building. WFD will notify Verizon. 91 reports vehicle parts left behind indicate vehicle was a Ford but no make or color known. 91 will check the area.

Party called regarding a raccoon walking around in the daytime on Summit Avenue. Called back to report capturing the raccoon in a pet carrier. ACO notified and will respond.

Caller on Ocean Avenue requesting the police for an issue with another tenant. Units stood by as the landlord accessed an area to check on the water heater as tenant who is in the process of being evicted is not home at this time. No issue(s) discovered.

Needle on large piece of driftwood at Coughlin Playground. Needle disposed of.

Report of a syringe in Daw Playground.

Caller on Hermon Street reports a two-year cold’s leg may be broken. One to Children’s Hospital.

Party on Revere Street requesting an escort to his ex’s house to pick up some belongings on the front porch.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports that her husband is down on the ground complaining of pain. Fire and ambulance notified

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