WHS Principal Decision Imminent Process Has Been Open and Candidates Vetted

The announcement of a new principal of Winthrop High School is forthcoming and it’s been a well-executed and open process to pick the successor to Gail Conlon, who is retiring this year. There were several candidates for the position and we understand that assistant of superintendent of schools Lisa Gill and the selection committee are ready to present the names of the finalists to Superintendent of Schools John Macero.

Our superintendent, perhaps better than anyone, knows how important this decision is, having served as a school principal himself in Revere, where he lifted the Whelan School to incredible heights with his creativity and dedication to making that school one of the best in the state.

Despite not having the greatest facilities at her disposal, Gail Conlon did a fantastic job and Winthrop students benefited from her leadership in which she created a close-knit atmosphere at the school where every student was given a chance to excel and thrive on a daily basis.

Yes, the new principal will have big shoes to fill — we’ve always admired the professionalism and grace of Gail Conlon — so we await the important announcement of who will continue the great work that Gail has done as the leader of our high school.

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