Buccini Tackles New Roles

Winthrop actress Hheather Bbuccini (right) and Director Caitlynn Llowans.

Heather Buccini is taking another huge step forward in her career as an actress as she performs in multiple roles for the Stoneham Theater’s production of the Christmas classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

A fourth grader at the Cummings School in Winthrop, Buccini, landed the roles after an audition at the theater. She will appear as Young Mary Bailey, Janie Bailey, one of the sled boys, and one of Martini’s kids.

“I have a good number of lines,” said Buccini, who is busy rehearsing for Opening Night on Nov. 23 and 31 performances through Dec. 23. “We’ve been rehearsing since November 6. It’s really fun because I’ve never done a short play which means it’s not a musical.”

Buccini most recently appeared as one of the orphans in the North Shore Music Theater’s Production of “Annie.” She received rave reviews for her performance in the play that packed the Beverly theater.

The production of It’s A Wonderful Life affords the talented 10-year-old Buccini an opportunity to work with professional actors and an outstanding director, Caitlin Lowans.

“I feel that I’m getting better at my enunciating and my projecting on stage,” said Heather. “I’m learning a lot from the other actors and the director. I’m enjoying every day.”

In the final scene of the play, Heather heads to the piano while the other cast members begin singing, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” That scene includes the memorable quote, “Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

One rather exciting aspect of Heather’s appearance in Stoneham is that the entire fourth grade at Cummings School will be taking a field trip to watch her perform in the play.

“I’ve never performed in front of my classmates and all the fourth grade so it’s really exciting,” said Heather. “I want to thank my family [mother Jill, dad Brad, brother Ryan, and grandmother Ann] and friends and my teacher, Miss [Connie] Grayson, who has been really supportive. Also my principal, Miss [Bobbie] Finocchio and my superintendent, Mr. [John] Macero, who have been very helpful.”

Lowans, a prominent director of plays at Stoneham Theater, said Buccini has been doing very well in rehearsals.

“Heather is doing really well,” said Lowans. “It’s hard, especially in the professional shows because you have to be able to mix with the adult actors and I think sometimes children find it more challenging to hold their own with the adults and Heather’s not one of them. She’s very confident and very responsible and she’s doing a great job.”

Jill Buccini said it’s been a great experience for her daughter.

“Heather is loving it. It’s a huge commitment but she likes what she does,” said Buccini. “She’s having a blast.”

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