Police Blotter 10-18-2012

Monday, October 8

Ambulance requested for resident at Fort Heath Apartments.

Party reports she was involved in a minor motor vehicle crash on Veterans road and believes the other party may be under the influence. She stated she was following him on Veterans Road toward Shore Drive. Units located the subject and are requesting EMS for an evaluation. WFD notified.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports his granddaughter was threatening to break into his home and steal things.

Tuesday, October 9

Caller on Revere Street reports that his neighbors are having a yard sale and it appears to have been left unattended. Caller state people appear to be leaving with items they haven’t paid for. W92 reports speaking to owner who states that there is no theft, and that those items were picked up by the boys and girls club for charity.

Young student at Winthrop High School came in to report being harassed in school.

Caller reports that her granddaughter is at her house on Pleasant Street picking up some personal property and is causing a disturbance. Units report.

Male on Ingleside Avenue reports that every time he turns on his computer, he gets a message from the FBI. Verizon informed him it is most likely some type of scam. Informed not to give out any information and caller will notify a relative to fix the issue.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports what appears to be a bullet hole shot through his window. Units report what may be a bb hole through a cellar window. Occupant is a new owner and is not sure if it is from previous incident.

Male came in to the station to turn in an ID card for female found on Franklin Street.

Male on Golden Drive called to report that his mother wants to harm herself. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond. Unit reports woman going to the Whidden.

Caller reports his mother just fell outside 200 Governors Drive and needs medical attention. WFD and ambulance notified. Voluntary to Whidden Hospital.

Party on Harbor View Avenue reports an unknown male party was seen on his porch approximately one hour ago. Units advised to BOLO. Officers check porch and area was clear.

October 10

Possible overdose as discovered by mother on Court Road.

Male called to report two cars parked the wrong way on Pond Street. Officer reports tagging both.

Health Inspector Moore would like the assistance of a police officer. Officer reports that the person that lived there on Beacon Street is in a nursing home and relatives are packing up her belongings. Mr. Moore is there to check on the condition of the apartment and the officer is there to witness that all goes okay and the town is protected against accusations.

Call from Beal Street from female to ask if we could remove her husband as they are arguing. Officers report male will leave the area as they are separated at this time. W91 states male is heading out of town. Female will be advised of a 209A and other rights by W93. He reports she will go later on after thinking things over.

Call from above apartment on Golden Drive to report the people upstairs are banging on the floor. Officer reports he had them quiet down for the day.

Male on Edward Street called to report he has been trying to call mother of his child. Officer reports he spoke to her and she is okay. They do not speak. Message given.

Female from Sturgis Street came to the station for an escort to house per probate to pick up belongings. W93 Hickey and W91 Curran responded while female picked up belongings. Also car that party left over the garage was taken by a licensed operation who accompanied her. Officer assisted female without incident.

New home owner reports a larceny of appliances that were in the driveway on Shirley Street. They were to be placed in one of the apartments. W91 Curran responded.

Call from Middle School which was difficult to understand, but something about trash at the school. Caller may be a custodian there. Someone was in the background telling the caller what to say. A second call was received from another male stating that he was keeping someone there who was disposing of trash in the school’s dumpster. W93 Hickey responded and reports speaking with the parties.

Caller reports one her veterans from the Soldier’s Home needs help at Crystal Cove Marina. Units report locating subject on a 28 foot boat. Unit reports subject found and voluntary transfer to the Whidden.

Thursday, October 11

W93 will be off at the High School on an investigation on a meeting with school officials and parents regarding the investigation about a bullying case.

Officer will try to serve female on Neptune Avenue a summons issued by the Suffolk County Juvenile Court in Boston. He reports she was served in hand.

Call for a report of a fight in the CVS rear lot. Units report verbal argument between patrons. Peace restored.

Male on Cutler Street called to report receiving harassing calls to his T-Mobil cell phone of a sexual nature. The calls have been coming for approximately two weeks, some came from a private number and when he blocked them. They are now coming from two other numbers. He was advised to report this to his carrier.

Party on Cottage Avenue came into the police station to report that his debit card as been fraudulently used at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Seekonk, Ma. in the amount of $334.47. He will follow up with the bank for fraud investigation.

Detail officer Feeley reports a piece of the heavy equipment at the bridge is leaking hydraulic fluid. Fire notified and will respond to assist the crew.

Friday, October 12

Party on Sea Foam Avenue reports her dad passed out in the shower and is requesting medical aid. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service. WFD requests an officer to that location. Officer was advised by paramedics that the patient there was deceased and this was a sudden death.

Caller reports two men in a maroon colored Honda just stole some metal from the construction area on Walden Street. They fled down Lincoln Street. Information given to all units to BOLO.

Employee for CVS reports an elderly male inside the store is about to be scammed by someone outside.

Party on Hale Avenue requests an officer come by and pick up two firearms owned by her father that were left in the home. She reports her brother-in-law is licensed, but currently away in Florida. Officer picked up the two firearms and brought them to the station for safe keeping.

Officers received a warrant of apprehension from East Boston Division for male subject. Officer received a report that he is currently located on Shirley Street. Subject located and transported to EBDC by W92 DeCarlo.

Caller reports that a raccoon was struck by a car on Veterans Road and barely hanging on. ACO notified and he will handle the aid of the raccoon who has passed on.

Woman from Governors Drive called to report a television fell on the head of her five year old. She is now bleeding from the nose and her eyes are crossed. Transferred to fire. W93 and W92 responded to check the incident.

Party on Winthrop Street reports his Verizon wireless cell phone was hacked into and someone ordered something on it. He has changed the account information but wanted it on record in case more identity theft occurs.

Caller reports kid inside the dumpster on Hillside Avenue (The Inn At Crystal Cove) throwing trash about the street. Units dispatched and report locating three youths and having them clean up the mess they had made and sending them out of the area.

Party on Cottage Park Road requests an officer as something has been thrown at his vehicle. He is unsure of the nature of the item and would like to see an officer. Off. Hickey dispatched and reports that it appears that the vehicle was struck by eggs and the culprits ran down Woodside Avenue. No damage other than broken eggs to the vehicle and units will search the area.

Saturday, October 13

Party reports three males with cameras on tripods taking photos of the airport. Officer reports speaking with the individuals who are also monitoring traffic on their cell phones. All three provided ID to the officer.

Caller reports during the town wide clean-up project, she discovered some syringes and a crack pipe. W93 secured the items that were located at Ingleside Park.

Woman from Loring Road called stating that a man has come to her door on two occasions today asking to see an electric bill. W92 Ferullo responded and reports that the man is from Just Energy and was advised of the proper procedures for conducting such business in the town.

Caller on Tewksbury Street reports being threatened by another male. Units report speaking to both parties. Advised of their rights.

Sunday, October 14

Report of a door to door solicitor on Grovers Avenue from Just Energy. She wanted us to know that he is rather pushy and has been there twice.

Party from Temple Avenue came to the station to report that her wallet has been lost.  She reported it to credit companies and there has been no activity. Last seen by her in Winthrop Center and Highlands.

Monday, October 14

Caller on Shirley Street reports that his landlord came into his apartment. Units report civil matter and all rights explained.

Call from Children’s Hospital in Boston for a possible rape case. Lt. Perrin and Det. Jaworski responded and report the victim is not disclosing at this time. Rape kit has been placed into evidence for possible future charges.

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