Great Turnout for Warren: House Speaker DeLeo Tells Local Democrats of His Support for Her Candidacy

The appearance of U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren at the Democratic headquarters in Winthrop Center was certainly an exciting and well-attended event. We’ve always known that Winthrop is a town that enjoys its politics and that there are many educated and knowledgeable voters who will turn out on Election Day in high numbers. (Our last Town Council President election was evidence of the fervor that can be generated in a hotly contested race).

House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo gave Warren an enthusiastic introduction at the speaking program held inside the headquarters. It’s clear that the Speaker believes that Elizabeth Warren is the best choice to represent the town’s interests in the U.S. Senate. Donna Segreti Reilly, political organizer extraordinaire, drew praise from attendees for arranging for such a great visit by Ms. Warren.

The race between Elizabeth Warren and Senator Scott Brown is undoubtedly the most watched Senate election in the country. The Presidential election, with an astounding 60 millions viewers tuning in for the first debate, is certainly generating tremendous interest across the country, but the race for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts has captivated our electorate. Judging by the large turnout Sunday, everyone will be glued to their television sets (and computer screens) on November 6 as the votes come in to see who wins this most important election.

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