Students and Deleo: Session with Speaker Was Informative

Speaker Robert A. DeLeo took time from his busy schedule to come to the high school and talk about the importance of the voting process and how those who are age 18 right now (or who will turn 18 by Election Day) still have time to register to vote. The Speaker stressed to the students how even one vote can make a difference in a local or national election, using the now famous George W. Bush-Albert Gore 2000 Presidential Election as a prime example of how close an election vote can be.

The Speaker did a great job explaining the voting process and the students were attentive, courteous, and well-behaved. Superintendent of Schools John Macero and Principal Gail Conlon were in attendance and had to be beaming with pride at how well the event proceeded.

Perhaps the best part was when the Speaker asked whom the students thought had won the Obama-Romney debate (and like the rest of the country, the answer tilted toward Romney) and in a poll on the U.S. Senate Race, the students seemed to favor the incumbent, which could be deemed a surprise in this town. That’s when one of the students, senior David Tracy, rose from the audience and delivered a brilliant, concise, and eloquent summation of why the students might be favoring one candidate over another.

The Speaker opened the floor to questions from the students and some wanted him to talk about Mitt Romney’s viewpoints, a task that he felt would best be left to the former Massachusetts governor.

We thank Speaker DeLeo for giving our students this unforgettable first-hand lesson in civics from one of our state leaders. Perhaps someone seated in the audience will be inspired to pursue public office one day.  It was a great morning for both the Speaker and those juniors and seniors who participated in the assembly.

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