Boncore Idea: CFO Coming on Earlier Merits Discussion

We welcome the suggestion made at the Town Council meeting by Councilor-at-Large Philip Boncore that perhaps the new Chief Financial Officer should be brought on while the outstanding interim financial team of Richard Hingston and Donna Beshara are still on board. It’s an idea that would seem unconventional — but Boncore has the right idea in that the new CFO will be called upon to continue the progress that is being made by Hingston and Beshara and the changes they are implementing in the town’s financial operations.

We believe that Boncore’s suggestion reinforces the excellent decision by Town Manager James McKenna to bring in Mr. Hingston and Ms. Beshara to help the town move forward. The team has proven its value to the town and it was McKenna’s experience and professional connections that made it all possible.

The efforts of Hingston and Beshara are being commended by town officials and department heads and Boncore obviously knows a good team is in place and can assist the next CFO in the transition process. Having the CFO come aboard a little earlier — to work with the interim team — is a proposal that merits discussion.

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