Domelowicz Named as New Grant Writer for Town

Joseph Domelowicz

Joseph Domelowicz Jr., a writer and editor for the Winthrop Sun-Transcript for 14 years, has been named as grant manager and assistant to the Winthrop town manager.

Town Manager James McKenna made the announcement during the Town Council meeting Tuesday night at the Joseph Harvey Room.

“I’m very excited to welcome Joe to our office,” said McKenna. “We waited with lots of anticipation of Joe’s arrival. There were extremely qualified candidates for the position; in fact 35 applied for the job.”

McKenna said Domelowicz was selected for the position after a very thorough hiring process.

“Joe expresses himself very well,” said McKenna. “He has a very good instinct for this community and understands a lot of the nuances and the people involved and what makes Winthrop work. That was the difference maker. We had a number of candidates who had terrific backgrounds but we felt Joe was the best fit for this community because of his experience with it and his proven abilities.”

Domelowicz, 44, is a graduate of the University of Buffalo with a B.A. in English and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs from the University of Massachusetts/Boston. He has extensive experience in government and administration

He previously worked at a private consulting firm doing emergency-preparedness planning and training. He also worked at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) in government regionalization and emergency- preparedness programs.

Domelowicz began in his new position at Town Hall Tuesday. He said he was excited to be a part of Winthrop town government.

“I have a long history in the town and I enjoy the town very much,” said Domelowicz. “I love the town and the people and I’m hoping I can bring a lot of good things to the town.”

Domelowicz was busy on his first day advancing more than 30 applications for town grants. He is continuing the progress made by former grant manager Peter Lombardi.

Domelowicz said he had an opportunity to work with McKenna on regionalization efforts while he was at the MAPC.

“James McKenna is a bright, forward thinking man and easy to get along with,” said Domelowicz. “I’m hoping to learn a lot from him. He’s been in municipal government a lot longer than I have.”

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli said that Domelowicz will be an asset to the town.

“I’ve known Joe Domelowicz for many years,” said Petruccelli. “He is a very professional and intelligent young man who will serve the people in the town of Winthrop well.”

Domelowicz and his wife have two children, Jay, 6, and Drew, 2.

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