Bob is the Tops: House Speaker Puts Winthrop First

It was a like a rock star reception when our Speaker of the House, Robert DeLeo, entered the function room at the Lodge of Elks Monday for an event sponsored by our Chamber of Commerce. Winthrop residents and many others from neighboring communities, including Mayor Dan Rizzo of Revere, were among the many guests who sought out the Speaker to shake his hand or say hello.

We remember the days when Bob served on the Winthrop Board of Selectmen and what a hard-working and highly respected board member he was. And we watched as he was elected our state representative and began his ascension to one of the most powerful positions in all of state government.

What we noticed then, as now, is that Bob has always has had his finger on the pulse of this community and places a top priority on his representation of Winthrop residents on Beacon Hill. Sure, his schedule is incredibly busy with invitations to so many events across the state, but he is on top of all things Winthrop. He joined with the 11 Foundation: In Memory of Michael Mason to help make sure that the Fourth of July fireworks show would go on and is aware of issues large and small, from the current Winthrop Little League situation (Bob was not only a coach in the league, but an All-Star pitcher) to the important decision of whether Winthrop will build a new high school/middle school. In terms of the $1 billion casino/resort complex at Suffolk Downs, it was our Speaker who ensured that Winthrop would be designated a “surrounding community” in the legislation. In short, the Speaker and his staff (including former Salem State baseball star Mike Vatalaro) are monitoring things in town and making sure that the best interests of Winthrop residents are being met.

It was another great event hosted by our Chamber of Commerce, Lodge of Elks and the Rotary Club and having the Speaker of the House and State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli arriving early and staying late made the luncheon a special treat for all who attended.

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