Police Blotter 07-19-2012

Monday, July 9

Caller reports a group behind the rear of Governors Park making noise and having their car radios turned up. Units report moving the group out of the area while others went inside their apartments on the scene.

Wife from Cottage Avenue called requesting assistance with her husband who has a cardiac condition. Call transferred to WFD.

Party from Dix Street came into the station with the remnants of a large firework that landed on his porch over the weekend. According to the gentleman, these heavy duty fireworks are shot off pretty constantly. He was advised to call when it occurs so that we may investigate further.

Officer requested a warrant check on an individual at PPYC. Warrant was located and subject was placed under arrest. Prisoner transported to EBDC via W91.

Party at Bay Cove Human Services reports her immigration documentation had been lost or stolen.

Caller reports a dead animal in a bag buried on the beach. Transferred to Animal Control. Message left for ACO as well.

Party on Lewis Avenue reports her husband is threatening to take his life. Voluntary to Whidden for evaluation.

Caller from River Road reports a domestic argument in which the woman has been yelling and cursing for an hour. Units report two (male and female) having a verbal only. Neither party claiming abuse. Peace restored for now.

Someone from Bowdoin Street reports his friend took his Raleigh mountain bike on June 28th, value $600, without his permission. She then told him the bike was stolen. He would like a hearing set up. 93 called female’s number and answering machine picked up. 93 will follow up.

Tuesday, July 10 

Party reports new graffiti painted on the building at the cemetery. Officer reports she took a picture and will respond to DPW to speak with them regarding having it removed.

Peace restored at Locust Way with dispute over property.

Caller reports two people having sex on Shore Drive wall. Referred to State Police Revere.

Female party requests EMS to her home on Atlantic Street for an allergic reaction. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Caller reports problems with her roommate on Lorean Terrace and she is in fear of him. He is not home at this time. Officers conducted an investigation and are contacting elder services as well as family members regarding the situation. Detectives will interview the male subject when he returns to the home. Emergency restraining order issued.

Party reports a male subject posing as a constable has served eviction papers on behalf of her landlord on Shore Drive.

Reports of a large branch that has fallen on Buchanan Street onto the power line. Officer verified that the street is impassable. WFD notified of the limb on the wires. They will investigate.

Party reports finding clothing, a cell phone, and personal items in the back of Bus 3 in the rear of the parking lot at WHS. Apparently someone has been sleeping there at night. Mr. Gobiel will bring the items by the station and they will scan the camera history to get a picture of the subject.

Several calls of a male in red shorts on Sunnyside Avenue selling drugs right out in the open.

State requests assistance with a possible drunk driver at WYC.

Several calls of fireworks on the beach near Moore Street. State Revere notified and will respond.

Several calls of two women arguing in the street at Thompson’s Towne Liquor. 

Wednesday, July 11

Clerk reports two customers at White Hen are arguing. Officers report verbal argument and both sent on their separate ways.

Caller states that while he was walking his dog on Neptune Avenue he detected a strong odor of natural gas. Referred to WFD. National Grid notified by fire.

Party on Golden Drive reports a former friend is outside her windows yelling at her. Officer reports speaking to three parties regarding a cat. Officers advised female to leave the area and Animal Control was sent by the address to assist with the issue. Officer requested WFD and EMS for an evaluation of the caller who is acting erratic at present time.

Officer went to Lorean Terrace with Elder Services to follow up on an investigation.

Party reports a motorcyclist struck a fence on Revere Street and may be injured. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports party was operating a moped and his license is suspended/revoked. He will be summoned in as he is being transported to the hospital for medical evaluation. Damage was done to the fence at the property. Officer will submit the crash report.

Boston EMS received a call from a health care service reporting a female on Pearl Avenue is a diabetic and needs medical attention. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Caller from Crest Avenue reports he has not heard from his wife and daughter all day and is concerned. Officer spoke with the caller to gather further information. The wife and daughter arrived home and are now in contact with the caller.

Party called from Dolphin Avenue requesting an officer for a female in the yard creating a disturbance and wanting to fight. Officers report she left prior to their arrival. They will search the area and speak with her if located. She was located and she was driven back to her residence and advised not to return to that address.

Female caller on Forrest Street reports she saw someone earlier that had blood on his clothing. Unable to furnish further information as she was in East Boston when she called. Officers checked the area and report no signs of anyone in distress. Area search was negative.

Party on reports his 12 year old son made comments that he may want to harm himself. The youth is at his mother’s home on Buckthorn Terrace. All units tied up at motor vehicle accident. WFD and Action ambulance will respond and evaluate. Officer McCarthy responded at the request of WFD and the child was transported to MGH under a Section 12.

Reports that there were kids loitering on Kennedy Road and may be inhaling paint fumes (“HUFFING”).

Caller reports kids with armloads of wood headed onto Yirrell Beach. 

Thursday, July 12 

Kids playing basketball at Pond Street playground. Officer reports, four very cooperative males leaving the area.

Life Alert called reporting an 88 year old set off her Life Alert on Bartlett Road and has not reset it. WFD and EMS notified.

Party reports his motor vehicle was broken into last evening on Shirley Street. Towed to station for processing.

Male wanted to report a past domestic assault and battery that occurred in Winthrop in August of 2011.

Female called from Pleasant Street to report that she just received a call from an unknown party trying to scam her. She stated that he said he was her grandson and that he was in trouble in New York. He needed money. Number was blocked. Can we place this on police website to warn seniors.

Party reports that in the course of doing work for a male on Sargent Street he received an e-mail from him stating “Memento Mori” which translated from Latin means “Remember you will die.” He would like this noted in the event any further incidents occur and will decide whether or not to move forward with a hearing.

Boston PD requests units BOLO for a large gray pick-up truck occupied by two males: one with no shirt and other wearing a white T-shirt. Shirtless male brandished a firearm in East Boston and is being sought at the present time. Officer located the vehicle on Revere Street. Two individuals came to the door. Boston PD has no named victim or caller at this point so they cannot file charges.

Caller from Revere Street reports her son was assaulted in East Boston yesterday and is now being threatened by another male about his involvement in identifying the culprits. Subject leaving for several hours and will call when they return so they can speak to an offer. Possibly incident related to above incident involving Boston PD.

Party from Governors Park came in to report that her 14 year old daughter was harassed on the Northeast Voke bus today while it was traveling to Winthrop. The incident happened in Revere and she did not want to press charges at this time, but wanted advise on how to proceed. She was informed of the proper procedure for filing charges. Her daughter filled out a victim/witness statement in case this continues as the suspect is also a Winthrop juvenile.

An arrest was made for a male on Pearl Avenue. Outstanding warrant.

Friday, July 13 

Mr. Driscoll called from Parks and Rec to report a man appears to be living in trees on west side of EB Newton.

Caller reports needles on street in front of her house on Bartlett Road. Officer cleaned them up.

Party requests that a police officer goes with him to get property from his former address on Lorean Terrace. Off. Donnellan assisted.

Daughter on Somerset Avenue called to report her father has dementia and is being abusive. Units request medical. Father transported to Whidden for evaluation.

Caller reports intoxicated female in front of CVS.

Party reports approximately 12 kids smoking dope on the bench behind Kennedy Road. Officer reports one male is trespassed from the area for 94C violation.

Dave Belcher of Governors Park management called to report a disturbing smell coming from an apartment. Officer reports two cats inside the apartment that may smell.

Report of a man passed out on the beach near a set of wooden stairs on Sewall Avenue.

Caller from Circuit Road reports a male and female with luggage are fighting and drinking in the street.

Mother came to the station to report her son had lost his gray and blue Asics backpack which contained his Verizon cell telephone.

Caller reports that she is firing her son as the building supervisor for the property on Grovers Avenue. She would like it if we could make frequent checks of the property as she does not trust him.

Units report coming across a group that were prepared to fight down in the Center. The group was dispersed and sent out of the area.

Party called to report that her friend lost a set of keys while at Deer Island. The keys are to a Nissan car and a house key with green on it. She was advised to notify the State Police on the beach as well.

Caller from Circuit Road reports male and female yelling at each other while carrying suitcases. Units state parties leaving town and heading to Boston.

Female on Floyd Street reports hearing what she thinks is gun shots two times with three bangs each. Another call received from the area of Cliff Avenue reporting hearing gun shots also. W93 reports speaking with a woman who was in the park on Highland she said they were fireworks. W92 reports the area of Floyd Street is all quiet and no one around. 

Saturday, July 14 

Fishermen reports a group there on Yirrell Beach with fireworks and someone may have injured themselves. He was watching from behind the water tower. Units responded and a group scattered. No one injured in the area.

Reports of kids behind the water tower with fireworks and possibly starting a bonfire. W92 and W93 came upon a group and sent them on their way.

Female called to report her husband has received two threatening telephone calls on his cell. The male caller said “I want you dead. You made a big mistake.” The calls were traced coming out of Lynn. Reporter claims they don’t know who could have made the calls. The service is with AT&T and they will notify the carrier.

Report of a man sleeping  on park slide at Crest Avenue. W92 reports area clear upon arrival.

Caller reports a homeless man walking around Ingleside Park.

Chief reports Harbor Masters have possible larceny PPYC. Unit sent to Public Landing to take report.

Caller reports his landlord and some workers have just forced their way into his apartment without notice on Brookfield Road. Units report all parties advised of their rights for civil matters.

Report of two males on Shore Drive appear to be under the influence of drugs. State Police Revere notified and will respond. Units determined males are drunk and need assistance. Units report males causing a disturbance and two under arrest.  One male transported to Revere barracks.

Caller reports a male jumped out of a motor vehicle and threatened him at Quick Foodmart. He also reports that a female was also in the car. Caller claims he did have an encounter with him last week on Crest Avenue. He would like it noted for now and will call if it continues.

Female on Washington Avenue reports her husband is outside her residence and knocking to get inside. He was arrested earlier in Taunton for assaulting their daughter. Units report male party left prior to their arrival. Female advised of her rights.

Report of kids lighting off fireworks on Walden Street inside the park. Units report having group leave the area. No fireworks located.

Caller reports a large group of kids in the old Winthrop Hospital parking lot shooting off fireworks towards her home. Units reports searching the area and no group located. 

Sunday, July 15 

Party reports his camera was stolen from his vehicle on Ocean View Street while he was parked in front of a residence he was working on.

Caller reports a fight involving two brothers on Nevada Street. W91 requests EMS respond. Units report peace restored. The brothers were cleared medically and W91 will transport one of them to The Strand.

Male caller from Grovers Avenue reports his girlfriend just got back from rehab. She had just ingested rubbing alcohol.

Report of a stolen “water trampoline” from the PPYC.

Confused party on Summit Avenue called requesting help in getting a phone number. When advised that this was the police, he began pushing buttons on the phone. Party called back once again all confused. WFD and EMS sent to location to evaluate the subject.

Call for a white male on Bellevue Avenue acting suspiciously He was wearing a backwards baseball cap and Celtics jersey.

Caller from Quick Food reports a customer had stolen a disposable lighter. He would like it noted for now, and will call back if the individual comes back into the store.

Report of a transformer blown out at the corner of Prospect and Hillside Avenue. WFD notified and will investigate and notify the power company.

Caller reports a female walking on Veterans Road that appears to be in need of assistance. W91 dispatched and reports officer with female party who appears to be dehydrated. WFD/EMS notified and report she is going to be checked out.

Party called to report a male on the ground at Franklin Street in the park. Unit 93 requesting fire and ambulance.

Female caller reports she is a visiting nurse and a person staying at Suburban Extended Stay is acting irrational. She would like fire to evaluate. W91 Freeman and W93 DeCarlo reports male in room  and requesting another nurse. He is not happy with the one that showed up. New visiting nurse on the way.

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