Time May Be Now: Town Needs a Human Resources Director

That was an impressive presentation on the town budget by Robert J. Wynne Jr. of the Citizens Advisory Committee on Finance at a recent council meeting. We’re fortunate to have residents such as Mr. Wynne stepping forward to help our town government. We recall that Wynne supported the idea, first proposed by Town Manager James McKenna, that the town should consider a human resources director in Fiscal Year 2014. Wynne said it’s a position that would assist all town employees who need advice on various employment matters such as health insurance and pensions. As it stands now there is no individual in place to assist town employees if they want to file a grievance, for example.

We agree with Wynne and the town manager that the position of human resources director would be vital not only to town employees, but also to the smooth flow of town government in general. The human resources director would likely oversee the writing of job descriptions when key positions in town government become open and the town wants to attract the most qualified candidates it can to the selection process. We were surprised to hear that School Department does not have a person handling such a role.

The time might be now for the hiring of a human resources director. We’re sure all the employees of this town would welcome this addition to our town administrative team.

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