Well Deserved Tribute: Norm Siefert Has Been a Legend for Decades

That was a beautiful and well-orchestrated ceremony at the Town Landing for our elder statesman of the sea, Norman Siefert, whose name is synonymous with the Winthrop waterfront. The naming of the new ferry terminal/harbormaster building in his honor is a much-deserved tribute to a man who has done so much for our community and touched so many lives a in a positive way.

It was heartening and uplifting to hear our Council President, Peter Gill, tell the gathering how it was Mr. Siefert who introduced him to sailing in the Winthrop waters, thus opening the door to a lifetime appreciation of the sea.

Officials such as Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, Senator Anthony Petruccelli, Town Manager James McKenna, Harbor Management Chair Dick Lawton, and Council President Gill also spoke of the tremendous contribution that Mr. Siefert has made to his community.

The words of the poet truly apply to Norm Siefert, who in his unassuming manner always was available to lend a helping hand, whether dramatically rescuing boaters and swimmers stranded at sea, or  providing youngsters like ourselves (when we were young!) with words of advice about our boats and their upkeep.

“That best portion of a good man’s life, 

His little, nameless, unremembered acts Of kindness and love.”

Yes, it was a great day for the 92-year-old former Commodore of the Cottage Park Yacht Club, his wife, Barbara, his son, Jonathan, and daughter-in-law, Jean, who should take pride in knowing that he is loved by others and no doubt so proud that his name will forever adorn the beautiful, new building at Town Landing.

Mr. McKenna rightfully credited all of the individuals in our town, from past members of the board of selectmen and the Town Council to the current members of the Council, who were so instrumental in making this building a reality. The Harbormaster’s staff advocated for a building of this nature for a long time and it’s nice that the moment has arrived when Winthrop has a first-class facility for use by all who navigate our waters.

The efforts of Congressman Edward J. Markey also merit special mention. The congressman led the way in securing the funding for this project and McKenna duly noted Mr. Markey’s leadership from the outset.

Robin G. Coles deserves credit for all the work she did in chairing the dedication event and serving as master of ceremonies for the program

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