A Dangerous New High: Winthrop Police Encounter First Incident of ‘bath Salts’ Being Used

The Winthrop Police Department encountered its first recorded incident involving residents under the influence of ‘bath salts,’ the latest man-made designer drug that has been causing a stir among law enforcement and public safety officials across the country for the last several months.

The most high profile case of a person under the influence of ‘bath salts’ was the recent report out of Florida of a man, who while under the influence of the powerful, delusion inducing chemicals, literally chewed on the face of a homeless man. That case ended tragically with the user shot by police, after he refused to stop biting his victim and the victim in the hospital with severe facial injuries and fighting for his life.

According to the police report filed by Winthrop detective Robert Jaworski, the incident in Winthrop was not quite as dramatic, but did involve paranoia and erratic behavior by the couple involved.

The incident took place on Shirley Street, near the corner of Underhill Street, at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 9. As of Tuesday evening, no charges had been filed against the couple involved, because the exact type of drug they had ingested was not yet known.

“At this time, we have confiscated the remainder of the drugs that were on the scene and they are being processed by a laboratory,” explained Chief Terence Delehanty. “Once we get the results back and know what classification of drugs is involved, the appropriate charges will be filed.”

According to the police report, detective Jaworski observed erratic behavior and paranoia from both parties involved in the case, a married couple,  and was told about the ‘bath salts’ by each person during separate interactions with them.

In his report, Detective Jaworski noted that, “bath salts are a designer drug, manmade in labs. (They) are a cross between methamphetamines and acid. It stimulates the central nervous system and causes paranoid delusions and hallucinations and tends to make people act in violent ways.”

The report further mentioned that police officers should use caution when responding to calls of people who are exhibiting irrational behavior.

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