Police Briefs 06-14-2012

Tuesday, June 5

Woman reports a white jeep going back and forth in the flood waters near the Elks, causing the water to surge onto people’s property in the area. W93 reports the jeep is on the other side and taking a right towards the Point. The street is impassable and Steve Calla notified. W91 located the white jeep and spoke to the operator who is done with his water aerobics for the night.

Male caller reports needing medical attention for his friend at Crystal Cove Inn. WFD and ambulance notified.

Call from a nurse to state her patient on Golden Drive is talking suicide. Officer Carter and fire report male going to Mass General.

Suffolk County Sheriff requests that a unit stand by while they execute a child support warrant on Sunnyside Avenue. Officer reports all taken care of.

Officer will try to serve a male a summons on Trident Avenue issued by the Malden Court. He reports no one is home.

Officer will try to serve male on Shirley Street a 209A issued by the Lynn Court. He reports serving him in hand.

Call that a white male and black male just came out of a house on Locust Street and they have no idea who they are. Officers report they have the two at Brothers. One subject gave a false name. Active warrant out of A-7 for Class “A”. Officers have one under arrest on the warrant.  Charges: Possession of a Class B drug.

Caller reports possible dark female stumbling in the middle of Washington Avenue and Pleasant Street. All units tied up on previous arrests.

Manager from 7/11 called to report that a female customer is acting strangely and may be intoxicated. W93 requests ambulance for evaluation for a female. Officer Brown reports that he will be accompanying her to Whidden via Cataldo.

Female reports that her friend on Bellevue Avenue has stopped breathing. Fire notified. W92 and W93 responded and report a 22 year old female to the Whidden.

Male on Crest Avenue reports his ex-wife is there and may not leave. Officers report that the wife was gone upon their arrival. Officer Brown spoke with the wife who stated that she was invited over and then they got into an argument over their divorce proceedings.

Father called to report his 14 year old daughter did not come home from school. He will come to the station to report her missing because this is unusual. She may also be involved with a boy, 17, from Cambridge. The father believes she may have not gone to school today. As missing juvenile was being entered into the system, the father called to inform us that he had located his daughter in East Boston and will be picking her up. 

Wednesday, June 6

Caller reports a female passed out at St. John’s Church.

Distraught mother came to the station to report her 9 year old son was not at the school pickup today at the Cummings School. She suspects he went home with another boy who lives in the neighborhood. Principal Finocchio went to the suspected house and located the 9 year old, brought him back to the school and he was reunited with his mother.

Woman called about a group of kids causing a disturbance at Lewis Park Pond. Officer Armistead reports he moved kids out of the area.

Female reports an outdoor fire in the backyard on Bartlett Road. WFD and 92 Gergerian report a chimney fire which was put out.

Female called to report her friend on Shore Drive called her to say he was going to commit suicide at the beginning of Winthrop Beach. WFD also notified and units report. One state trooper on the scene searching the area. Officer Dalrymple used latitude/longitude to locate the party near Short Beach and he was transported to the Whidden.  

Thursday, June 7 

Party requests an officer to his location on Shirley Street for a dispute he is having with his landlord. Peace was restored and party will come to the station regarding an assault and battery out of presence.

Principal at Winthrop High would like to see an officer regarding a past assault and battery committed by a student on the Assistant Supt. Kostigan. Officers report issue has been settled. A no trespass order will be issued for an individual. Officers went to serve a no trespass order on the above named individual. Notice was served in hand by the officer to the parent of the student.

Summons to appear in Middlesex Court was received for an individual on Trident Avenue. It was delivered in hand to the subject.

Party came in to report she lost her VISA ATM card on or around 2-25 somewhere in downtown Boston. The card was used without her authorization on 2-25 ($103 at Winthrop Federal Credit Union) and on 2-26 ($332 at East Boston Savings Bank, She has notified the issuing bank and the card has been cancelled. She will follow up with the bank under the claim number.

Party reports a young child appears to be unattended on Brookfield Road and is crying. She is approximately 6 years old. Last observed walking toward the basketball courts. 93 spoke with the caller and searched the area to no avail.

Party requesting the police for intoxicated individuals on Revere Street. 

Friday, June 8

Reports of five people arguing at the corner of Mermaid and Shore Drive.

Party reports he can observe a boat sunk at its mooring almost completely submerged off of Johnson Avenue. Officer reports it is off the CPYC within the mooring zone. WFD will contact the harbormaster unit.

Reports of a male standing in his parking lot on Revere Street asking people for money.

Woman came to the station because money was stolen from her purse in CVS.

Off-duty Officer Racow was approached by Principal and reported that a sibling of a K-grade student was parked illegally (handicapped) and when he attempted to move he was told to wait until school was dismissed. A verbal argument ensued. 92 reported no response at the residence.

Party at Black Strap BBQ reported a stolen mobile phone. Officer reports locating the phone and youth who took it. Caller had phone returned and does not want to press charges.

Lightning struck a pole at Rice’s Wharf on Shirley Street and a live line is down.

House on North Avenue was struck by lightning.

Party on Buckthorn Terrace reported someone just threw a beer bottle through her window.

Saturday, June 9

ACO will be heading to Chelsea to assist police department with two pit bulls.

Party on Golden Drive called stating that she is afraid that her boyfriend is going to break into her apartment and harm her. Units requests EMS for a voluntary to Whidden. WFD notified. Female to Whidden. Units searching several addresses for the boyfriend. Unsuccessful search.

Caller states that someone in the neighborhood of Willow Avenue is “weed whacking” and disturbing her sleep. Officer Feeley made the homeowner aware of the town ordinance.

Party from earlier domestic call on Golden Drive was released from Whidden and took the advise of Officers Feeley and Luti and requested an emergency restraining order. Order issued by Judge Gaffney.

Female reports she has lost a Husky in her yard on Main Street. Voicemail left for ACO on his cell phone.

Male party from Palmyra Street reports that his ID was stolen approximately four years ago. Possibly taken from his attorney’s vehicle that was stolen in Boston around 2008. Someone has used his information fraudulently.

Party reports a large Husky is on her property bothering her and family while she is trying to have a yard sale.

Male reports losing his black wallet while gassing up at Wyatt’s Mobil. The wallet contained an American Express, Capital One and VISA. Also Charlie cards, along with his MA license and $100 cash. He was advised to cancel all credit cards for his financial protection.

Report of a “sick” raccoon in the area of Court Road. ACO notified and will check the area.

Party from Shirley Street reports he and his wife were using “bath salts” and is now acting erratically. As this call came in W98 reported he was off at Shirley Street with a possible domestic. Officers report both parties medically cleared by Action Ambulance. Male leaving for the night.

Pharmacist at CVS would like to see an officer about a problem she had with a customer who has since left over a possible forged prescription.

Verbal disagreements between house mates on River Road. Please restored. 

Sunday, June 10

Multiple calls of a disturbance, possible fight at Ingleside Park. Units report most of the group dispersed prior to arrival. Remaining group was dispersed.

Female caller reports four to five males in the Odd Fellows parking lot talking about starting a fight. W92 Feeley and W93 Luti report moving the group along.

Party from River Road reports she was assaulted and wants the woman out of the house, but she won’t leave. Officers report the female subject and her boyfriend left the apartment per the renter’s request.

Female from Woodside Avenue came in to the station with her mother to report the grandmother, sister, husband and child went missing. They left from Broadway, Revere on Thursday heading to Canada. They have not been heard from since. The cell phones go right to voice mail. Advised to file missing person report with Revere Police.

Security Guard requests an officer respond to Governors Park due to an argument taking place between the lifeguard and a resident. Security called back and requests we cancel the officer as the party has left.

Revere PD called requesting fire check in the Short Beach area. If could be possible grass fire. WFD notified and will investigate.

Male caller reports female and male arguing outside in front of Shirley Hardware. Officers report verbal argument. Both parties were picked up by a friend.

Owner from Terrace Avenue called stating that she had noticed someone had put mulch on her front windshield of her vehicle during the night. She feels that she has a neighbor that isn’t happy where she has been parking.

Christopher’s Auto Repair request police to remove someone from the property for yelling and screaming. Units report customer complaining about work done to his vehicle. Owner settled with the customer and he was sent from the area.

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