Thank You, Kathleen Hickey: Town Council Clerk Did a Good Job

We begin by thanking Kathleen Hickey for her outstanding service in her position as Town Council Clerk for the past ten months. Those who watched the Council meeting Tuesday night on WCAT were probably surprised when President Gill read her letter of resignation effective June 30.

Mrs. Hickey has been an asset to the council, always highly professional, accessible, and courteous. She said her decision was personal and that she enjoyed her time working with our Council.

It was Chief Terence Delehanty who basically asked during the public comment period what many certainly were thinking: Why has there been such a constant turnover in the council clerk’s position?

First of all, we think it’s great that the chief, a Winthrop resident who attends council meetings and often participates in his  role as the leader of our Police Department (he gave a thorough update on the Belle Isle Bridge and the reduction of the speed limit by five MPH at Tuesday’s meeting), commented on the council clerk position and offered a recommendation that the Council should speak with the previous clerks to see why there has been a turnover.

The council clerk position is an important one and President Peter Gill said the Council will begin advertising for a new clerk immediately. It’s a vital and unsung position that keeps our town government flowing smoothly.

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