Police Blotter 05-24-2012

Tuesday, May 15 

Party reports observing a drug transaction at Energy To Go and the parties are still in the parking lot. Officers located and interviewed subjects.

Male party called from Shirley Street stating there is a female screaming at him. 

Wednesday, May 16 

Glass break alarm from T&T Convenient Store. Officers report front door is smashed. Building has been cleared with negative results. Owners are on scene.

Party requests EMS and WFD for her son who had a fall on Shore Drive. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Received another abandoned call from EBNH in East Boston. They were contacted and they will have Verizon check the line.

Party from Winthrop High School reports that Bank of America check was stolen from her office and although VOID is written across it the bank still cashed it for $300.

Caller from Oregon reported a rape in 2008. She did not want to give information on who raped her and just wanted to know what would happen if she reported it. Caller asked for more time to think about this. 

Thursday, May 17 

Detail officer reports possible oil spill on Main Street near Magee’s Corner. Officer reports nothing observed on the road surface.

Party reports a black motor vehicle parked in front of his residence on Moore Street for two weeks and believes it to be “suspicious”. Registration is active to his neighbor on Moore Street.

Constable dropped off list of utility shut-off locations they will be responding to.

Party reported to officer that her yellow parrot got spooked and flew away on Cottage Park Road. Bird’s name is Margaret. ACO notified and will BOLO.

Male reports his friend on River Road was trying to call him several times between 11 and 1 p.m. When he attempted to call back she was not available and would not answer. He stated the boyfriend at the address was acting strangely and not making sense. He wanted us to check on her well being. The party did eventually show up at the address and will contact her friend ASAP.

School officials reported to Lt. Perrin that a white female was allegedly following a student along Pauline Street before school this morning. They advised Lt. Perrin that threats were made between two parties relative to students and their families.

Woman near Cummings School flagged down an officer requesting assistance with her unruly child.

Party called regarding a disabled veteran on Overlook Drive not answering his door although the TV is on. Officer requests fire for help in entry and EMS to stand by. Entry gained, subject on the floor, unresponsive. CPAC and ME notified. 

Friday, May 18 

Officer reports vehicle on Shirley Street was running for the last two hours. The operator was located and had locked the keys in the vehicle while it was running. G&J Towing contacted for the lockout.

Report of a juvenile shoplifter at CVS Pharmacy. W-91 reports transporting juvenile to the station and contacting father who came to take custody of him.

Call from the Fire Department to report a vehicle hit a pole in front of school. Pole needs to be secured. DPW notified.

Report from a citizen on Temple Avenue of a problem with a pit bull. Information given to ACO who will follow up.

Call from a female from the EBNHC who at first said it was a mistake call as she was trying to call out. Then became quite upset as she has been at the center for several weeks and wants to go home. She was trying to call someone. Asked to speak with the staff and they said all was OK. 

Saturday, May 19 

W93 and W92 responded to Pratt Street and report sending male home in a Viking Cab. Call was from girlfriend that boyfriend was banging on her door.

Officer has motor vehicle stopped on River Road for equipment violation. Male was operating vehicle with suspended license. G&J will tow.

Caller from Shore Drive reports a short, white male, black shorts with slicked black hair is exposing himself to beachgoers. Units report extensive area search negative. Female called back a she saw him down the street again. Officers responded and spoke to her and she gave a better description. White male, heavy set, black shorts, big nose, balding in the back, front hair slicked, back with no shirt. State Police given this information.

Report of two men fighting on the beach on Shore Drive. Officers report they  have one under arrest and need medical for the victim. Charges: two counts of assault and battery with dangerous weapon.

Party reports Spanish male going into random back yards on Main Street.

Male reports that his neighbor just came to his door asking for police as he wants his brother removed from premises on Winthrop Street. Parties settled matter for now. Brother to leave in the morning. 

Sunday, May 20 

E911 transfer from caller hang-up. Reconnected with caller who reports that her boyfriend is not breathing. Units and WFD dispatched to Governors Drive.

Male caller from Seal Harbor called to report his estranged wife that lives on Shore Drive came to see their kids at 6 a.m. When he looked around, several items were missing. The value is over $2,000. Officers will attempt to arrest the culprit which they did. She was charged with larceny over $250.

Caller from Bellevue Avenue reports that her ex-husband left the house leaving his children unattended. Lt. DeLeo spoke to the husband and he had a downstairs neighbor notified to keep watch over the children when he left for 10 minutes.

Reports of a duck on Shirley Street. ACO put it back in the water.

Male from Revere Street called to report money is missing. Spoke with caller who will file a report.

Monday, May 21

Numerous calls for a woman down on the sidewalk in front of Biggio Insurance. Fire notified. Units report woman got up and left the area prior to arrival of emergency personnel. Area search for the individual was negative.

Call from a son who states his mother on Kennedy Road is talking suicide. Fire called. Officer reports she is going to the Mass General.

Male from Shore Drive came to the station to report that he was hurt from being assaulted during a incident in which he was arrested on Saturday. He showed an injury to his left wrist (bruising) and left shin area (two cuts with scabs) as well as reporting some type of injury to his left shoulder. He will seek medical attention on his own. He was given a victim/witness statement to complete and return.

Party called from Jefferson Street to report losing his man’s black tri-fold Nautica wallet sometime last night. Wallet contained approximately $100 and his SS card and a Citizen’s bank debit card. The wallet itself has sentimental value and if turned in he would really like it back.

Manager of Crystal Cove Inn called to report the theft of three planers from the outside property sometime today. She reports that she was very busy today and just now went outside to water them and they were gone. Caller reports that the planters are valued at $100.  each.

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