Thank You Dave: Popular Basketball Coach Will Be Missed

Every so often a coach comes along and through his hard work and the example he sets, he builds a program that reaches the pinnacle of Northeastern Conference competition. That individual for the past decade was Dave Brown, who not only put Winthrop High boys basketball back on the map, but brought our school a state championship.

Brown never used as an excuse the fact that Winthrop was by far the smallest school in the conference. He just knew that Winthrop kids had to work that much harder to be the best.

With Dave Brown, a respected Winthrop Police officer, father, husband, and former basketball star himself, leading the program, you always knew that our student-athletes were being well taken care of and were receiving a sound education both in basketball and in life’s lessons.

The fact is that Dave Brown did a tremendous job as the head coach of the Winthrop High boys basketball program. While his win-loss record was excellent, the measure of his greatness as a coach comes from the praise he is receiving from his players who benefited from his knowledge and his ability to teach the game and make it a fun experience.

We hope that the Winthrop High School athletic program will consider a permanent reminder in our gym as as a tribute to Dave Brown and the positive impact he had on our student-athletes during his 12 years in the program.

We know that Dave Brown will emerge again as a coach whether it be at the high school, college, or professional level. He has too much more to give to young people and we wish him well when he returns to coaching. We’re just grateful for all the great things he did in Winthrop.

Thank you, Dave Brown. You’ll always be a Hall of Famer in this town.

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