Swampscott Vote: Miller Field Rebirth Must Be a Top Priority

Winthrop residents were likely a bit surprised by the votes this week in Swampscott against a $2.5 million project to install artificial turf and install lights as part of a large renovation project for historic Blocksidge Field.

Private donors had raised $800,000 for the project, but Swampscott Town Meeting on successive nights failed to give the proposal the two-thirds vote it needed for passage. Swampscott, like Winthrop, is a sports-minded town with an outstanding athletic history, especially in football.

We hope Winthrop residents are not fazed by the Swampscott votes this week. As our town leaders consider the construction of a new middle school/high school complex, we hope that Miller Field (which basically is useless as a sports complex for any sport) remains a top priority so it too, can become a showcase athletic facility, much like Manning Field in Lynn and so many other cities and towns who realize the importance of having a great field on which our athletic teams can thrive,  rain or shine.

1 comment for “Swampscott Vote: Miller Field Rebirth Must Be a Top Priority

  1. thompson19
    May 11, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Sure… what the helk… what’s a few more million bucks… all for the kiddies… You people are out-of-town, fiscally irresponsible spendthrifts who likely vote against tax hikes in your own communities… Get a life…

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