Police Blotter 04-12-2012

Tuesday, April 3

Female caller from Shirley Street reports having a verbal argument with her male roommate. Officers report female caller will be leaving for the night.

Caller from Overlook Drive states her neighbor is outside banging on her door. Officer reports downstairs neighbor reunited with husband and he will take care of her. Husband states she has mental issues and he was unaware she was out of the house.

Units report attempt to serve two warrants on Revere Street. Two males placed in custody. Weapon found. Boston Police called in for a dog. Charges: Drug possession of Class D substance and drug violation near school.

Caller reports her daughter is being harassed by another high school student. Units tied up on warrant arrests. Mother advised to come to station if she wishes to file a report. Chief Delehanty reports speaking to one of the involved youth’s mother who stated this was an ongoing issue in the high school. Party  never arrived at the station to fill out a report.

East Boston Court would like us to check if a female is still living at address on Shore Drive. If she is, we are to notify her that a male is being released from Norfolk Prison. Officer DeCarlo reports she is not there any longer.

Hang-up call from the CVS. Call back was reported to be a mistake. Advised the caller to stay on the line if they make a mistake call so we know and do not have to dispatch a unit.

Domestic disturbance on Pleasant Street. There was not phone number listed for that address. Officers checked the area to no avail. It was then found out to be a father-daughter verbal argument.

Caller reports two males may be breaking into the house across from her on Hermon Street. Officer checked and there were two  males claiming to be staying with the tenant on the first floor. Unable to verify anything with the tenant but the other tenant on the 2nd floor has seen them there. Officers determined the males to be staying there.

Officer report a verbal argument involving living situation on Shore Drive. Parties are not upset with each other. W-92 reports them to be uncooperative at best.

Reports of male being assaulted by his neighbor on Shore Drive.

Wednesday, April 4 

Party requests an officer respond for an unwanted guest at Cal’s Autobody who keeps coming in and asking for money. Officers report speaking with both parties and female was given a no trespass order.

Party reports Locust Street is obstructed and not passable by a crew working in the area. 91 reports a company working for the town stump grinding. Street is blocked. Chief was notified. DPW informed the officer that an officer was no required since it is not a “critical work area”. Officer had the street opened for traffic.

Party from Bellevue Terrace reports a suspicious male dressed in a leather jacket with a cell phone pinned to his ear. Officer reports the subject is not in the area.

Officer reports flow assessment company is in the middle of Walden Street pulling up manhole covers and they are requesting a detail officer.

Party from Adams Street came in to report her motor scooter was stolen from her driveway sometime between 5 and 7:45 a.m. She also reported her Columbian passport was stolen with the scooter. It was located under the seat. Scooter was entered into LEAPS.

Female reporting a past breaking and entering on Coral Avenue. No sign of forced entry but officer will file incident report.

East Boston Neighborhood Health requesting EMS for one of their patients located in Chelsea. Transferred to Chelsea PD.

Mass Recovery Bureau called requesting fax number to inform the department will be repossessing a motor vehicle parked near Statik Hair Salon. They are waiting on the tow truck. Party paid online and the vehicle was not repossessed.

Party called from Pearl Avenue to report an ongoing domestic situation involving him, his wife and her mother and requested some advise. Party was properly advised.

Someone called to report his tenant from Governors Drive abandoned her apartment and left all her belongings due to a bed bug infestation. He was concerned regarding the well being of a child who may have been living there. He was not able to provide a forwarding address and was advised to consult with his attorney regarding the property that was left behind.

Party found pellet from bb gun on his side porch on Shirley Street. No damage to report but he wanted it noted.

Female reports her sister was on the phone with her and she was at Winthrop Auto Repair. She stated she heard loud male yelling then lost connection. She is concerned because her sister is in a strained relationship. Units report verbal argument between husband and wife. Officer spoke with female party and everything is fine.

911 transferred to WFD. Caller reports man having seizure at Hot Diggity. Fire, Action, units report one to Mass General.

Caller reports woman sleeping in the hallway at Fort Heath Apartments. Units report sending woman out of area.

Thursday, April 5 

Detectives from the Transit Police attempting to execute a warrant on Read Street. W91 and W92 dispatched to assist. Units report two in custody. Transit will transport their arrestees to Boston.

Party reports a male has come to check his pipes on several occasions on Lincoln Street. DPW reports he is known and working for them.

Principal at Winthrop High reports a student made threats and ran out of the school. Officers obtained the pertinent information and will be responding to another address to locate the subject for further investigation. Officers responded and spoke with the subject and his grandmother. C123 Sec. 12 was filed and he will be transported to MGH for evaluation.

Party reports smelling burning wires in his bathroom area on Maryland Avenue. Call transferred to WFD for investigation.

Male requests an officer response regarding a realtor peeking in his window on Beacon Street. The realtor also called the station and reported he was checking for the residence and he was pushed by the caller. Officers requested WMS check on the parties and there is an active warrant issued by Salem District Court for disturbing the peace. Subject was placed into custody and brought to the station for booking.

Cell phone caller reported to Mass State Police regarding a medical aid at Pleasant and Court Road. WFD notified. 99 reports party was transported and vehicle was towed.

Party will be at several locations in Town for utility shut-offs.

Someone reports a male in a gray motor vehicle has been sitting out front of his house on Grovers Avenue and when confronted by the caller he said he was on a surveillance and had checked in with the police.

Party requests an officer stand by while she picks up some belongings on Irwin Street per court order of EBDC. Officer reports services rendered.

Female reports a male in a gray Nissan was parked out front filming her outside her home on Grovers Avenue. She approached him and he would not give her any information and then drove off. She would like it on file. She did believe him to be a PI who is doing a surveillance relative to a job related injury.

Party called to report ongoing harassment by his upstairs neighbor on Washington Avenue. He reports that today her boyfriend called him and threatened him. He wanted this logged in case of further problems. Neighbor came to station to report harassment from her neighbor who is constantly accusing her of making excess noise, taking pictures of her car, and banging on her door. She filled out a victim/witness form and wants this logged in case it continues.

Call of guys fighting on first floor on Dolphin Avenue. Units report verbal amongst family members. Matter settled for now.

Someone reports her stolen ATM card was used at Cumberland Farms.

Caller reports that her live-in boyfriend “borrowed” her vehicle at 4 p.m. with the understanding that he would return it by 6:30 p.m. so she may take it to work. She states that he has a drug problem and never returned the car. While watching the news with her children tonight, she saw that her boyfriend was arrested in Malden for an armed robbery. She will respond to the station to file a stolen motor vehicle report. Boyfriend was not arrested. OCA was sent out. Malden PD came to the station to interview owner of the car.

Friday, April 6 

Officer Feeley will be seeking a complaint against male on Read Street for violation of restraining order. This was related to previous call.

Chelsea PD requesting we check on Governors Drive for a motor vehicle wanted for  a hit and run in their city. Vehicle should have passenger side damage. 93 checked the area to no avail. Chelsea PD advised.

Hair salon on Crest Avenue called to report male party who was unhappy with his hair cut created a disturbance and threatened to “return with someone to take care of this.” He was described as white male wearing blue jeans and t-shirt. Party was told to call 911 immediately and units were notified. Units located the subject on Highland Avenue.

Trespass notice issued from superintendent’s office on female at Arthur T. Cummings School.

Lost wallet found belong to female from Canton. Attempted to look up listing for phone number and none was listed.

Caller states that there is an intoxicated male on Hermon Street who is complaining of a broken arm from a fall. Officer states the subject was uncooperative and there was a language barrier. Subject’s injuries were consistent with an assault and battery. He was transported to Whidden. Officer McCarthy will follow up with Whidden to see if an interpreter can assist.

Saturday, April 7 

Woman walked into the station to report she was a victim of a domestic assault. Language barrier. Victim was taken by Action to MGH. Arrest made on Jefferson Street for male for domestic assault and battery.

Female party walked into the station requesting an ambulance as she felt like she was going to have a seizure. She states that she is prescribed seizure medication but does not take it when she drinks alcohol, which she states she does “a lot.” WFD and Action responded to the station. Action transported subject to the hospital.

Another coyote spotted on Viking Gardens.

Party reports a party in a white Ford at Suburban Extended Stay may be unconscious and vehicle is running. Officers spoke to the male and had him leave the area. Vehicle was parked and the keys brought to the station for the owner to retrieve.

Someone on Winthrop Street reports making own resident sticker guest passes. 93 Armistead went by and reports no one was home. Later Lt. Scarpa made contact and advised all parties of the results of using the phony cards and the restrictions of out-of-state registered vehicles.

Party reports her 11 year old granddaughter left the apartment on Shore Drive and may be walking back to her residence in East Boston. 93 reports locating her at the residence.

Someone called requesting a well-being check for the resident on Shirley Street who phoned them at Melrose Wakefield Hospital and made threats to harm herself. WFD notified. They reports EMS all set. WFD called back a short time later requesting the police to respond.

Party requesting police for a domestic on Ingleside Avenue.

Female on Edward Street came to station stating the mother of her ex-boyfriend is harassing and threatening her. She attempted to get a 209A but was denied due to no blood relation. Officer McCarthy will file a report on the threats. 

Sunday, April 8 

Call to report someone shut off the gas to Congregation Tifereth Abraham on Shirley Street using the outside switch which is located against the building. All is okay at this time as it has been turned back on.

Female came to the station to report she was just using the ATM machine at the EB Savings Bank and she saw a male inside with a hood and sunglasses on. Officers report there are workers there. Bank Executive was called and she stated there are workers there and will be there on weekends. Told her to call us when they are working on off hours and days.

Female called to report that older kids are breaking things in Massa Playground. Officer reports 12 year old kids playing basketball. No vandalism.

Party called to report a suspicious male walking around the area of Atlantic Street. Unit 92 reports area is clear.

Reports of someone stuck in the elevator at Governors Drive. W92 Off. Grimes responded along with fire. Officer reports WFD was able to release a woman from the elevator. He also reports that fire shut the elevator down as its inspection ran out on Feb. 14 of this year.

Female reports that she is coming to the station to fill out paperwork for a restraining order. She said she has transportation and is not in need of any medical assistance. The other party is her ex-boyfriend. She came to station to complete paperwork. Judge contacted and issued order. Units will attempt to serve male on Shirley Street. 

Monday, April 9 

Above was contacted and served the restraining order in hand.

Detail officer Lt. Scarpa reports a house trailer type vehicle is being towed out of town. It is from the island and is off the tuck route causing a large traffic jam. Officers report issuing a town civil citation.

Male came to the station to report almost being hit in the crosswalk near Brothers. He will go to the DPW and tell them the crosswalk needs to be painted. Officer Callinan will do enforcement in the area.

Party on Shirley Street reports he has taken too many klonopin pills.

State transfer. Female reports her husband beat her up on Shirley Street. Officers report husband in custody and 93 will transport female for a restraining order. Husband charged with domestic assault and battery and threat to commit bodily harm.

Several calls of a domestic on Nevada Street. Officers report one in custody charged with domestic assault and battery.

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