Police Blotter 02-02-2012

Tuesday, January 24

Caller for a telephone pole on fire. Officers report. Pole is leaning over the street and they have Shirley Street blocked at Shirley Avenue and at Terrace on Shirley Street.

Party on Shore Drive called requesting an ambulance and wants to go to the hospital. Call transferred to WFD.

Officer conducted a field stop on a suspicious individual on Main Street. Subject gave several alias names and stories. Subject placed under arrest. The truck was towed and is not to be released to anyone but a licensed operator.

Party reports he lost his wallet on Sea Foam Avenue. Female called earlier and reported that she found a wallet in the above vicinity. She was advised to drop if off at the Station but stated she would bring it to the owner’s address. Reporting party advised.

93 will assist Homeland Security as they attempt to interview a resident on Shore Drive.

Operator reports hold up alarm activation on at the Deane Winthrop House. Officer report accidental activation according to Mr. Hubbard.

Party reports her father observed an Asian male taking photos of the airport with his cell phone. Officer checked the area.

Letter carrier reports a loose dog in the beach area between Hawthorn and Locust Street. Animal Control notified and will check the area.

Party reports a syringe on the sidewalk between Centre Street and Lincoln Street on Hermon Street.

Caller complained about a dog running loose on Nahant Avenue. ACO will check out the location for the animal.

Party reports she is receiving annoying and harassing phone calls to her cell phone. The blocked numbers are being generated via computer and her service provider cannot block them. The party has no idea who may be making these calls at this time.

Student came in with her father to report that her I-pod was stolen out of her locker at Winthrop High School. Value $300. Report was submitted. 

Wednesday, January 25 

Caller reports people outside Suburban Extended Stay are arguing. Officers located both parties. Verbal argument.

Party called to report a male party wearing a mask and rubber gloves on Lincoln Street. He is driving a large maroon van and going around people’s trash. W93 dispatched to the area. Officer reports speaking to the caller and informing him that it is not illegal to look through the trash once it is on the sidewalk. W93 was able to locate the vehicle and spoke the male party. He is just collecting cans.

Party reports that she had seen Savanah Sanchez who was reported missing from Arlington at the Subway in Winthrop several weeks ago. She describes the male who is taller than Savanah, as wearing a baseball cap and baggy jeans hanging down.

Someone came to the station reporting someone forced his way into the apartment on Golden Drive using his shoulder. Simultaneously, the Housing Authority contacted the station reporting a man fitting the description given by the victim. Officers responded and reported.

Alarm activation for the living room area on Fairview Avenue. Officers report home was found to be secure. Owner arrived and they did a walk through and all secure.

Mrs. Conlon called reporting an internet scam was attempted on a student’s family at the High School utilizing the student’s name. She will have the family member call with further information if available.

Officer McCarthy located Savannah Sanchez at basketball courts and is bringing her to the station. Subject also has a chins warrant. Mother notified. Probation wants her held at Northeast Behavioral Health in Beverly and will come pick up and hold. Arlington PD notified. 

Thursday, January 26 

Ahlquist Agency reports repossessing vehicle from Neptune Avenue.

Party reports a blue van struck some of the traffic cones on Pleasant Street near Edgehill Road. Detail officer reports he secured them.

Party from Eleanor Court came to the station reporting her identity was used by a family member several years ago which has since been corrected. Unfortunately, the old information is showing up on a recent CORI check that is required by her employer. She has filed a report with CORI and is awaiting information regarding the correction by the agency.

DPW direction called reporting someone just came in complaining to him regarding parked motor vehicles along the fire lane on Kennedy Road.

Party reports she has been receiving threatening text messages from her boyfriend’s mother. She would like this placed on file should these continue on. She does not want to seek any further action at the time.

Mother came in to report a harassment incident with her fifth grade daughter. Victim/witness form provided. Party left station with the form.

Party reports that on  1/26 while parked in the area of Shirley Street, his vehicle was struck on the passenger side. His vehicle sustained damage to the driver’s side mirrow and side panels. 

Friday, January 27 

Caller reports  male attempting to break into dumpster at Woodside Hardware. Officer searched the area and found no sign of forced entry.

Caller on Shore Drive requesting medical assistance. WFD and ambulance notified.

Male called requesting medical assistance on Ingleside Avenue for his 86 year old mother. WFD and ambulance notified.

Party came into the station to report his vehicle missing. Q2 and in-house check did not reveal that vehicle was towed. Entered as stolen.

Caller reports a young child locked in a motor vehicle in Governors Park. Fire Department has been notified. Fire was able to free child.

Called to report a black Saab was driving erratically. Last seen at Magee’s Corner. All units BOLO’d.

Female called to report her father’s car is parked in the street as he went to the hospital today and she can not remove it. She would like consideration regarding the overnight parking tonight.

Called to report a group hanging out near the Energy to Go. Reports that this ongoing and they have been unable to resolve this issue even after speaking with the property owner.

Reports noise coming from parking lot at Energy to Go when cars pull up. Stated that the officer had just been there on another call and the area was clear. He stated it was an ongoing problem including kids hanging around the businesses as a result of no adults on the premises in the evenings. Also there are rats from the dumpsters. He was advised to contact the town officials on Monday. All units will keep a check on the area for loitering and disturbances.

Mother on Pleasant Street called and she is arguing with her daughter. Daughter is moving out. Mother will call back if there is a problem.

Party on Revere Street called having a problem with his son. He is bringing him to detox but he stepped out of the car and will not get back in. He states his son is 45 years of age. He was advised that we can not make him go but we will try and talk to him. Units could not find anyone in the area.

Reports of a man down on Willow Avenue. Transferred to WFD.

Called to report that her son was just hit by the man on the first floor on Trident Avenue.

Reports of a group hanging out in the laundry room at 700 Govenors Park and they are smoking.

Reports of a party in the downstairs apartment on Crystal Cove Avenue is screaming. Officers request medical for an evaluation.

Lifeline medical aid on Golden Drive. Requests ambulance. WFD notified.

Caller reports vehicle blocking the street causing no traffic to go up the street at Woodside Avenue and Bartlett Road. Officer reports no vehicle in the area.

Someone called to report two people arguing on Shore Drive and one person laying on the ground. Officers report male party intoxicated and fell onto the ground. WFD and ambulance notified. Male party transported to the hospital. The female party was dropped off by the W92 in Beachmont.

Saturday, January 28 

Caller reports downstairs tenants’ girlfriend, yelling, screaming and kicking the door on Main Street. Officers requesting medical for evaluation. WFD and ambulance notified. Female refused medical treatment to her right hand. Officers report verbal argument. All parties advised of their rights.

Winthrop Taxi called reporting that her taxi driver that is in Allston reported that he was being robbed by a female. Transferred to Boston Police.

Alarm activation at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. Officer reports delivery person set it off.

Several calls in the area of Lincoln Street and Hermon Street of two individuals in a white pickup truck going onto people’s property looking for scrap metal. Units report area search negative at this time.

W92 reports commercial vehicle parked on public way on Lincoln Street with expired registration. Status confirmed. Owner cited and vehicle placed on private property.

Female from Revere came to the station to report she was assaulted yesterday evening while on Crest Avenue in Winthrop.

Caller from Crystal Cove Avenue reports ongoing dispute with upstairs neighbor over excessive noise. W92 reports advising caller of her rights. Upstairs neighbor refused to come to door or even speak with officer.

Male on Locust Street reports his adult stepson is stealing. Officer will file a report for charges.

Caller reports suspicious woman is soliciting customers at Winthrop Marketplace for money. W92 reports area search negative.

Very excited and scared female called from Revere Street. Difficult to understand due to a language barrier. Units responded and report an ongoing civil matter between landlord and tenant.

Reports three small dogs got hit by a car on Pleasant Street. The dogs ran back to their house and the caller was afraid that the dog owner would not know that the animals were injured. No one answered the door when the woman caller tried to notify them. ACO was notified and will take care of the situation.

Reports of an unlocked door to the DPW building and there are lights going on and off and no one is coming to the door. Officers responded and checked the building and secured same.

Sunday, January 29 

Caller from Ingleside Avenue reports ex-girlfriend out front and will not leave. Units report female party leaving in a taxi back to her residence in Revere. Caller then came to the station to request an ERO which was issued by a judge. Faxed to Revere for service. He then called back and wanted it noted that he just found out from his mother who lives next door to him was being repeatedly called by ex-girlfriend earlier in the evening.

Officer Hickey stopped motor vehicle on Main Street and placed operator under arrest for OUI and drug violation. Charges: OUI, speeding, possession of a class B drug and resisting arrest.

WFD called from Larsen Rink reporting they have a medical aid going on and are requesting an officer to respond for a code. Officer responded and reports patient went into cardiac arrest and is being worked on at present time.

Caller reports domestic disturbance on Bowdoin Street. Units report verbal argument. All parties advised of their rights. Wife left the area.

Female called to report her ex-boyfriend has been texting her and calling her names. Caller was advised  and will go to East Boston Court in the morning. She has changed her locks and will call if anything further occurs.

Someone called to report the flag at the Senior Center may have been brought down by kids on the bench. Unit respond and no one in the area and flag is secure.

Female called to report someone broke through the outside door way and they are now knocking on her door and will not answer her on Shore Drive.

Called to report a while ago she was locked out of her home on Pleasant Street without her coat by the father of her three year old daughter. She was able to get back in because he went out after the dog. This occurred after they had a verbal argument. She wanted it noted in the event he does this again.

Female called from Maine concerned that her husband did not return home and requesting a well being check. Officer searched known addresses for this party and was unable to locate subject. Meanwhile the wife called to give and update at which time she has made contact and he was all right.

Monday, January 30 

ADT security called to notify of a residential burglary alarm on Winthrop Street. Officers report all entrances/windows appear secure.

Caller states he had an altercation with his girlfriend this morning on Nevada Street and is concerned about her mental state/well being. States she has not made any statements today about harming herself, but has in the past. Units report speaking with girlfriend who denies wanting to harm herself. Boyfriend advised girlfriend wants no further contact with him.

Call from the WFD to report there is a low wire and traffic needs to be rerouted on Undine Avenue until National Grid comes on scene. Officers report they are on the scene and will be done in five minutes.

Call from female to report a vehicle was speeding and then passed her on Shirley Street near Yerrill Beach. She does not want to go to Court. Officer reports speaking with the owner.

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