Police Blotter 01-12-2012

Tuesday, January 3

Caller reports that she thought someone had been attempting to push in the rear door of her home on Lewis Avenue. Officers spoke to caller. She stated her son heard the storm door slam closed but when he looked out nobody was there. No evidence of any attempted B&E. Units checked the area and homeowners were satisfied.

Lifeline called stating that a 95-year old female set off her intruder alarm on Locust Street. Lifeline made contact with the female but she wasn’t aware of the alarm. Units report female wasn’t coming to the door. They contacted a relative who arrived on the scene and everything was fine.

Detail Officer was approached by a resident who stated his driveway was blocked on Grovers Avenue. G&J will tow.

Caller reports locating two rifles while cleaning out her attic on Pleasant Street. W-91 reports securing weapons and transporting same to the station for safe keeping.

Female reports a violation of a restraining order from her ex-boyfriend. She is out of town but will come to the Police Station to report what happened.

Caller reports having several “friends” over today on Winthrop Street. When they left he noticed his house keys missing and a pair of red shoes. Caller is now concerned that someone may come back and come into his home to take more things. He would not give any names as to who was visiting. He just wanted this noted. NOTE: Call back 8 a.m. – the keys have been found between the seats of a car.

Female lost wallet at Energy To Go as she drove off. Contained ID, debit card, three credit cards, Northeastern ID, BJ card, gift cards from Marshalls and Taylor, Loft and $30 in cash.

W-93 attempted to serve order again on Brookfield Road. Lights on in the house and a car in the driveway. Checked at the front and back doors. No answer.

Wednesday, January 4

Caller reports black sedan struck the wall of his driveway on Grovers Avenue. No other description given. The vehicle proceeded on Grovers towards Crest Avenue with its headlights out. The caller feels that the operator was visiting the 2nd floor tenant. Officers report no vehicle parts left behind and owner states no damage to the wall. Officers searched the area to no avail.

E-911 transfer from the Fairhaven PD with the father of a man from Bowdoin Street on the line. He stated his son is a drunk and told him he was going to hang himself. Officer and fire department report subject was cut down and was worked on. Subject is going to Mass General. There is a crib in the apartment, a 51-A is being filled. Mother notified.

Warrant activation for male on Winthrop Street. All units BOLO’d. W-94 reports he has subject on Revere Street. WMS does not have him in the system. A call to the court reports it is active and he can be arrested. Subject placed under arrest. Warrant for enticing a child under 16.

Officer will try again to serve a 209-A issued by the Chelsea Court to female on Brookfield Road. He reports subject was not there, but message left with a family member to have her come by the station for her copy.

Report of a shoplifting at Winthrop Marketplace. Subject given a trespass warning and will be summoned for a clerk’s hearing.

Officer reports one under arrest for OUI, marked lanes violation. This happened on Main Street. 

Thursday, January 5

Caller reports his vehicle was struck while parked on the street in front of his home on Summit Avenue. Officer reports two vehicles were struck on the left side during the night.

Female called to report her vehicle has been egged for the second time on Lincoln Street. She states that there is no problem with any neighbors or with anyone they know or work with.

Report of a “non-police officer” directing traffic on Crest Avenue at Grovers. Officer reports  worker for a surveying company. He was told to stop and a detail is being hired.

Female from Brookfield Road served 209-A in hand in the station lobby.

Postal carrier called to report that the door on Shirley Street is un-secured and the mail is piling up. Officer reports no one is in the apartment. A check of an ID in the apartment shows a male who rents there. Officer will secure the door.

ADT reports residential burglary alarm activation on Lowell Road. W-92 reports all secure.

Caller from Brown’s Drug reports store receiving two fake $20’s. Detectives will follow up.

Female reports her disabled brother on Pleasant Street was assaulted by another resident/client while on the transportation bus to a day program in Chelsea. As of 10:25 p.m. no one has called back or come in to the station for a further investigation as that was explained to the sister for a follow-up. It was unknown as to where this alleged assault occurred.

Woman reports her organization’s car (the Hearing Exchange Brain Trust) was parked Wednesday on Grovers Avenue at 10:30 p.m. Tonight at 6:30 p.m. she discovered her car was entered and rifled through. A blackberry phone and charger was left behind. Detective will attempt to contact owner of phone and determine why it was in this car.

Caller reports cones in the street on Loring Road were blocking traffic. W-92 responded and reports cones have been removed. 

Friday, January 6

Calling party reports kids playing loud music on Ocean View Street. There sent out of area.

Someone from Dunkin Donuts reports a female in front of store is crying. Units report.

Wife reports her 88-year-old husband is having difficulty breathing on Grandview Avenue.

Caller reports water leaking into her basement on Prospect Avenue. DPW crew were working on her street. DPW notified.

Postal worker called to report she was just informed that her vehicle was struck while it was parked in Michael‘s Mall and then took off. Witness told her that the young male operator of the vehicle looked at her car, looked around and then drove off. Officer reports owner of the hit and run vehicle will come to the station to exchange papers with the owner of the car they hit.

Caller reports low-hanging wires on Almont Street. W-94 reports appears to be low hanging telephone wires, no public safety concern.

Female caller reports someone hitchhiking on Main Street. W-91 reports he just went by there and no one is in the area.

Paul Revere Bus called to report the bus stop is blocked by illegally parked cars on Pauline Street. Officer reports the area is clear of any illegally parked cars. Traffic is heavy due to school getting out.

Male walked in the lobby and stated he is confused. Fire Department called and report subject needs to be checked out at the hospital. Sent to Whidden.

Caller reports a wire down and it’s sparking. Fire will respond and reports Officers and Fire Fighter checked everywhere and can not find anything. Call back to Paul Revere and the driver stated in the Hutchinson area, Revere and Golden Drive area near Dunkin Donuts. Checked and there is nothing.

Caller from Sea Foam Avenue reports four visitors just went up to the third floor apartment and he is letting us know that there could be problems there. He is the landlord and he received a call from another one of his tenants. He was advised that if there is a disturbance to have the tenant call us directly.

Female party reports two motor vehicles dropping off Christmas trees in the park area of Thornton Park. Officer caught up with the high school pranksters who were advised to remove the trees or face a fine for illegal dumping. They removed the trees.

Reports from the other landlord on Sea Foam Avenue and he received a call from a tenant that people could be doing drugs in the hallway. Officer responded and reports checking the third floor apartment where he was invited in. There were only three people there and no party planned. He advised all present that there would be arrests for any disturbances there.

Caller from Tafts Avenue wants his girlfriend removed. Officer report all okey now. Female being transported to the station to wait on a ride.

Mother called to report hearing from her son and she believes that he may be with a girlfriend on Main Street where he had been abused and assaulted in the past by her. Officer reports speaking with female who stated that male is home at his apartment in East Boston. His telephone is dead and his charger is broken. She gave her number to us to pass along to his mother should she want to call her and she would explain. Called mother back and left a message for her. She called me back and started talking all about the girlfriend. Informed her at this point that she may have another agenda other than just a well being check and that we were told her son is in East Boston and that she should contact Boston.

A very heated argument is going on at Seven Eleven and request for another unit. Two males went their separate ways.

Reports loud noises coming from upstairs tenants on Revere Street. Officers report couple upstairs stated they are just having a good time. Advised to quiet down.

Saturday, January 7

Party called requesting an ambulance on Shirley Street for her friend who is having trouble breathing. Call transferred to WFD. WFD to handle the call.

Someone called requesting an ambulance at Executive Apartments. Party is 8 months pregnant and has been vomiting all night. Call transferred to WFD. WFD and Action ambulance responding.

Report of a syringe on the ground on Hagman Road. 93 secured it.

Party reports one of her residents from Arlington maybe in the Winthrop area according to her mother who contacted them. Officers should be on the lookout for her. She is entered NCIC by the Arlington Police as a missing person.

WFD reports two residents from Executive Apartments transported to MGH for throat discomfort from a strange odor. Test(s) conducted by WFD were negative.

Party reports his neighbor pulled out a survey marker from h is property on Hale Avenue over an ongoing property line dispute.

Report of an issue with a CO detctor on Cliff Avenue. Transferred to WFD for investigation.

Party requesting EMS from Faun Bar Avenue. WFD notified. Officer reports it was a medication mix-up.

Someone reports 7 or 8 individuals talking pictures of the airport from Grandview Avenue. All parties checked out.

Caller request we remove her uncle from Shore Drive. Units report coming in with one protective custody order.

Manager of T&T Convenient reports someone lost keys and they may be on camera. 91 reports coming in with one protective custody.

Sunday, January 8

911 call transferred from State Police. Caller requesting ambulance for his father who has passed way on Triton Avenue. Call transferred to WFD. WFD, Action and W-92 responding. CPAC notified. ME’s office notified. ME’s office accepted. CPAC enroute.

Party requesting DPW for a sewer back-up into his basement on Lorean Terrace. DPW Calla notified on his cell.

Report some type of wire down on Locust Street. Officer reports the telephone line came down from number 15 last night and has been reported to Verizon.

Party reports a male appears to be sleeping in the alley between the houses on Shirley Street. Officer reports party was transported to Whidden for evaluation.

Monday, January 9

Officer reports check on NY registered motor vehicle which is running in Crest Avenue Parking Lot and he sees no one in it. Officer reports finding two people sleeping in the back.

Units will attempt to arrest a male from Governors Drive on a felony (indecent assault and battery) that was committed in Waltham. Officers report, one in custody. Waltham PD will be picking subject up.

Party from Golden Drive reports she is having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Family member from Golden Drive reports male has fallen and needs EMS. WFD and EMS notified. Patient transported to MGH via Action EMS.

Call of a suspicious male in his neighbor’s yard on Strand Way. He is a white elderly male wearing stocking cap, black jacket and dark pants. When he pproached the man and asked him why he was in the yard he refused to answer and walked on beach toward Yirrell Beach. Individual located by unit. He has no ID on him or property. He has difficulty speaking because he has a trachectomy and speaks broken English. When neighbor was contacted through the fire department he stated that the party was is father-in-law and has been living there for over a month and speaks Bulgarian.

Officer requested query on female subject for 94C violation Class B. at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. W93 responded and assisted the officer. Female placed under arrest. Charges: possession of Class B drug, conspiracy to violate drug law.

Caller reports hit and run to her vehicle on Shore Drive. Damage (scratches and dent) was done to the driver’s side front and rear door. No witness or information to the suspect vehicle.

Someone called to state a vehicle has not moved in quite some time on Winthrop Street. An inquiry of the motor vehicle registration shows revoked licensed. G&J Towing notified.

Caller states a motor vehicle accident in front of Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. 92, 93 and Fire notified. No tow needed for vehicles.

Someone called to state that a person is attempted to enter the apartment on Ocean View Street. 93 and 99 respond and report an ongoing neighbor dispute between apartments.

911 call for fire alarm activation on Woodside Avenue. WFD notified and responding. Officer reports owner was burning incense. Alarm was reset.

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