Let’s Go Vikings! Whs Fans Should Demonstrate Class and Restraint for Holiday Classic

Victories over Revere on Thanksgiving Day have become virtually an annual expectation for Winthrop High football fans for the past 35 years. What had been an evenly matched series since its inception in 1913 has become a lopsided rivalry, with Revere barely able to post a win every decade or so.

However, our Beach City neighbors won handily last year (tho’ a late Winthrop comeback made it a ballgame) and they are primed this season to make it two in a row for the first time since 1973-74. Moreover, a winning season is at stake for both Winthrop and Revere, who are coming into the Turkey Day tilt with 5-5 records.

The game figures to be a close, hard-fought affair which will come down to which team executes its game plan and commits the fewest turnovers

But win, lose, or draw, we urge Winthrop fans to observe proper decorum and sportsmanship on the sidelines. We owe it not only to the players on the field, but to the future generations of Winthrop fans and players to ensure that this rivalry remains intact. We would remind our fans that near riots canceled the rivalry twice (in the 1920s and 1940s) and jeopardized it in the 1990s.

So good luck to Coach Sean Driscoll and our players on the field   and we urge all Viking fans to behave.

Let’s go Winthrop, beat Revere.

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