Police Blotter 11-17-2011

Monday, November 7

Calling party reports receiving threatening phone calls. Calling party wanted it logged because he is going to court to obtain a restraining order.

Party reports her mother fell and may need medical assistance.

Party reports a male and female arguing out back on Veterans Rd., Office reports stopping a male subject fitting the description given by the Temple. Officer responded to 362 Shirley St., to speak with the female. she refused to give information regarding argument.

Party reports she believes she heard either a child or an elderly person crying in the area. She was unable to pinpoint where it was coming from. Lt. Perrin reports checking the area to no avail.

Party reports a green Dodge has been parked for days and is interfering with driveway.

Party has received numerous calls from same number advising her that she has won prized and needs to put up money on order to claim them. Investigation indicates cell number comes out of Jamaica.

700 Governors Dr., assault and battery (domestic).

Tuesday, November 8

Male caller reports loud music coming from parked car. Officer requesting additional units, Parties requested a cab back to Revere.

Medical alert: Party reports wife fell in tub.

Calls of Domestic problem at 226 Main St., officers report they spoke to all involved and the matter is settled at this time.

Caller reports red pickup truck parked on sidewalk.

Caller reports suspicious vehicle parked on sidewalk.

Numerous calls for a possibly suspect walking down Veterans Rd.

Officer Crisafi check with Citizen’s Bank on the last time missing person used a bankcard, they stated in Boston on 10/29/11. Female called the day after he was put out as a missing person and she stated he is in a homeless shelter in Boston.

Caller reports suspicious male taking photos of airport and planes.

Reports political sign holders are blocking access to store.

Female called to report persons are holding signs in the middle of the street at the high school. Lt. Lessard checked the area and reported all candidate supporters were on the gold club side on the sidewalk.

Woman reported suspicious activity. She stated there were 6 males in a small white car stopped and two youths outside the car. She was unable to obtain license plate.

Woman came to station to report downstairs neighbor is acting strangely.

Alarm: Smoke on the stove.

Women reports fence around her business has possible gang related markings on it. This is on Shirley Ave. side.

Report hearing several males talking about a possible drug deal on the beach wall side.

Calling party reports receiving threatening phone calls.

Wednesday, November 9

Officers while on scene of a motor vehicle crash a female informed the officer that the party known to her possibly could have taken items from her home.

Caller reports neighbor is blowing leaves on to his property.

Caller reports that someone had cut the brake and fuel lines to his motor vehicle. Mechanic determined that lines did not appear to be intentionally cut.

Person reported someone went into her apartment and stole her pocketbook.

Person reported someone tried to gain entrance to her apartment.

Call came in to inform police that sewer covers are gone and only ¾” plywood is over them.

Caller reports that her vehicle was struck while parked on the street in front of 385 Revere St.

Person reports kids stole and destroyed lawn decorations she had on display.

Women called to report the holes on Bellevue Ave. are not properly covered.

Male called to ask police to assist in opening his car door with a slim Jim as he locked his keys in his car.

Thursday, November 10

Caller reports a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm sounding in the area of Washington Ave.

Female caller stating she needed medical assistance.

Call for domestic dispute.

Medical aid: Male is unable to wake his friend up. One male placed into custody and transported for booking after default warrant out of Malden was discovered.

Caller reports ongoing neighborhood argument.

Missing person has been located.

Friday, November 11

Caller reports her ex-boyfriend is banging on her door trying to get in. He was advised to leave the area.

Officers stopping a male that was acting suspicious in the area of the Seven Eleven. The individual was carrying three knives on his person.

Female caller reports her 19 yr. old daughter having trouble breathing.

Caller reports people upstairs from them arguing and there are small children.

Caller reports a customer just fainted at Vivi Nails.

Person came to station to report his motor vehicle was stolen from in front of his house sometime overnight on Hawthorne Ave.

Male called to report finding a woman passed out in the bushes on Lincoln St.

Saturday, November 12

Party reports a large fishing vessel appears to be broken loose on the ramp side of the bay.

Party requests an officer respond regarding an underage shoplifter. Female refuses to identify herself, 2 other females were taken home to their guardians.

255 Court Rd. a car struck pole.

Woman called to report two kids with fire in backyard.

Sunday, November 13

Party reports his girlfriend is having a seizure.

Officer responded to Main St. for a possible motor vehicle into a house. Appears driver had a medical problem.

Caller states he is having pain and needs an ambulance.

911 caller to report domestic abuse. Caller stated he was hit over the head with a hammer. Fire and medical notified.

Monday, November 14

Party called to report losing her wallet sometime this morning while in Viking Taxi.

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