Police Blotter 10-27-2011

Monday, October 17

Female calls to report that her ex-husband keeps calling her cell phone and hanging up. Message was let on his phone to stop calling or charges will follow.

Caller reports a motor vehicle crash with injuries on Cutler Street.

Party reports a transformer is sparking on a pole intermittently on Shore Drive. Winthrop Fire is notified.

Party states child’s father did not return three year old son according to court order. She is concerned about his welfare at this time, but wanted it noted. She will contact her local probate court.

Caller states she was attacked by daughter and her new boyfriend. Further investigation by officers revealed verbal argument only. All parties advised of their rights.

Walk-in report of past vandalism to automobile parked in Elks lot two nights ago. Officer did not observe damage; vehicle was already taken to autobody. Reported that all four tires were slashed and sugar in gas tank.

Above caller reports a past larceny out of rental unit. Officer Brown will file a report.

Party reports a memory card stolen from his phone at Winthrop High School and another student is showing photos from it to other student.

Report of a home broken into and a laptop stolen.

Father reports his daughter, age 26, is contemplating suicide. Husband on scene. Winthrop fire and 91 report. Unable to locate anyone. Secured apartment door, will try cells.

Female called to report that after returning home from the rink, was informed by her neighbor, that three approximately 13-year old males entered her closed garage and took one of their bicycles. All units be on the lookout with description.

Male requests ambulance for his girlfriend. Call referred to Winthrop Fire.

Medford dialysis clinic called looking for a patient that did not show up after the weekend for his appointment. W-91 responded and reports there is no answer in the multip9le room home. Fire responded who gained entrance from information supplied by the owner who was off-site. Officer and fire check the bedroom and party was not home. Other residents report they have not seen him for several days. Clinic informed that party was not there.

Officers stopped a NH registered motor vehicle and arrested the operator and passenger for outstanding warrants.

Male called and said he backed his mother’s car into an illegally parked car. Officer reports minor damage and parties will settle matter between themselves.

Manager of Crystal Cove called stating that a female who is staying in a house next to the hotel is obnoxious and disturbing his guests. He would not be specific in describing the act but went on about her disturbing guests of the hotel. Officer Brown dispatched to speak to manager in an attempt to resolve the matter. Officer spoke to all parties except the female who was not in the area. Advised to call back if she returns and causes a problem.

Male reports a 50-year-old female is having a nervous breakdown. Transferred to Winthrop Fire Department and they will handle.

Tuesday, October 18

Call that a young boy is having a seizure. Fire notified.

Chief reports that a “Stop for Pedestrian Sign” is on the ground near the Temple. It does not belong there. Officer will bring it to the station and he will find out where it really belongs.

Caller reports she believes the tenant below her may have fallen and is unable to get up. Fire notified. Units report male tenant fell in shower. He refused medical attention.

Caller reports suspicious male subject at the bus stop on Main Street carrying a guitar amplifier.

Someone called to report dispute with her neighbor who is currently banging on her front door. Units report misunderstanding between neighbors.

Caller concerned about stop sign violations occurring on Jefferson at Putnam during late afternoon hours. Officers please take note.

Party and her husband have been receiving threatening text messages from her former boyfriend of 25 years ago.

Report of a man and woman walking and smoking a marijuana cigarette. W-94 reports locating subjects who were smoking a regular tobacco cigarette.

E911 call from female stating she needed to go to the hospital because she wants to harm herself. Units report voluntary transport to Whidden for evaluation.

Cell phone caller reports that a young girl appears to be wandering around Ingleside Park lost with not adult. Description given. W-94 reports locating the child who is at the park with her friend.

Reports of a male leaving the liquor store on Crest Avenue may be inebriated. Took off in a green Honda towards Shore Drive. All units BOLO’d.

Reports of the lights on at Miller Field. Message left for Sean Driscoll.

Requests an officer for a report of a well-being check on Charles Street.

Multiple calls of a serious accident on Revere Street at Locust Street. Fire department notified of possible car fire as well.

Revere woman called and wanted Winthrop Police to find her daughter at a crack house in Winthrop. Drug detective did not know the name given of the person and no address was given either.

Two calls for alleged gun shots near the skate park. Officer walked around the park and found nothing.

Wednesday, October 19

Private detective checked in at the station and reports that he would be working in the area of the Highlands. All his information will be left at the station.

Party came in to report that his HP placard was lost/missing from his vehicle. He reports the vehicle was locked and there are no signs of any entry made.

Party requests EMS for her sister who is having an allergic reaction. Call transferred to Winthrop Fire and EMS for service.

Alarm activation at Bartlett Parkway. Officer reports the residence is secure.

Reports that person made some mention of harming himself. Officer requested WFD and EMS for a voluntary evaluation to the Whidden.

Party came in to report losing his hearing aid possibly in the area of CVS sometime over the last couple of days. He requested we contact him if anyone turns it in.

Male came in to report he was away for a couple of days and when he returned he discovered a shoe print on his door. Did not report any damage to the door and believes his neighbor is responsible because they were involved in a verbal altercation about a month ago. Was advised to contact the police if matter should escalate.

Caller reports that she discovered her online banking account was breached.

Male called to report that he discovered his computer is missing. Officer reports no apparent break.

Caller reports that his girlfriend assaulted him and he wants her out of his apartment. After interviewing both parties, who have injuries, officers were unable to determine the dominant aggressor. Both in custody.

Thursday, October 20

Officer reports stopping operator on Winthrop Street for driving with a revoked license. Operator will be issued a criminal complaint.

Party called requesting assistance helping his mother back into bed. He reports that the mother had fallen out of bed. WFD and Action Ambulance notified.

Mother requests we check on her daughter who has not shown up for work. Party called back reporting she did get in contact with her daughter and everything is fine.

Female calls reporting her elderly mother is having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Caller reports construction work is being done on Jefferson Street with at least five motor vehicles obstructing the public way. Officer reports there is a permit to block the sidewalk but they have not hired a detail officer for pedestrians who need to walk in the street. Construction was advised to cease immediately until an officer is hired.

WFD requested an officer as well as an ambulance to Woodside Avenue for a medical aid. Subject was transported to Whidden via EMS.

Caller reports that two youths were attempting to start a fire in lot of Fort Banks Elementary School.

Party reports a problem with landlord. She gave his mother a $1500 check for him and he states she didn’t. Wanted this logged for her ongoing court action.

Multiple calls of a dead cat on road near the Elks. Message left for ACO.

Caller states that every night people are on the rear porch on Locust Street making noise. W-93 reports that three male students will bring it in for the night.

Male caller reports that the apartment below him has been playing loud music for the past several hours and doesn’t respond to the knocking on the door. A tenant let the officers into the building and they made contact and restored the peace.

Friday, October 21

State Police in Revere called to report an argument between two females somewhere on Shirley Street and then fled the area. Party stated she might harm herself. Units were advised and area searching the area and reported finding nothing.

Party called to report an alarm going off in the basement on Charles Street.

Someone called to report a water leak/break on Revere Street. W93 was dispatched to the area. Winthrop DPW was working in that area on the day before. W93 reports water is worse than before. DPW notified and stated that they are aware of the water leak. Stated that it is a valve leak and will be monitoring the area.

Officer reports Bellevue Avenue, which is under construction, is blocked off at Pleasant Street. Emergency vehicle must come in from Johnson Avenue. WFD and EMS notified.

Caller reports a truck crashed into a tree and telephone pole. Officers and WFD dispatched to the scene.

Party called stating she wants her boyfriend out of the house. He is teasing her autistic son. Officers report that it was a verbal argument. Male party is leaving to the day. Parties advised of their rights.

Male reports his vehicle was struck by one of the vehicles of the construction company working in the area. He has left town to go to work and was advised to make contact with the foreman when he returns to follow up with the proper exchange of paperwork. Reported front fender and drive side door damage.

Party reports a motor vehicle is parked on the wrong side of Paine Street. Officer had motor vehicle moved by the owner.

A driver reports that he observed several MV violations in East Boston and the vehicle headed into Winthrop. Reported the vehicle is occupied by a male passenger and is operating erratically. Officer stopped the vehicle.

Party came in to report he lost his wallet containing his MA driver’s license, bank ATM, Visa card and approximately $45 in cash. He has notified the relevant banks to cancel the cards.

Officer requested to respond with WFD for a female who is hallucinating.

Party reports a young male sitting at the bus stop on Shirley Street with no shoes and appears to be a bit confused. Second caller reports a male passed out there. WFD and EMS notified.

Father reports his 17 year-old daughter is involved in a domestic situation. Units requesting EMS. WFD notified.

Party came in to report her Bank of America credit card has been used online on several occasion over the last week without her authorization and knowledge. She has contacted the bank and the card has been cancelled.

A driver calls to report a near head on collision as he was existing the Dunkin Donuts . The driver was making a right onto Main Street. Caller inquired as to the whereabouts of the police detail officer and was informed there was no detail assigned after 4:30 p.m. Was advised to contact the Chief as well as the State and MIG Corp. to voice his concerns.

Officer located an intoxicated youth in front of the EB Newton. WFD responded with Action Ambulance and youth was transported to Whidden.

Caller reports that someone just jumped into her car on Crest Avenue and took off. BOLO sent out. Officers took woman home. Car was in her driveway cold to the touch. BOLO cancelled.

Someone called requesting cruiser respond for neighbors playing football in the street.W-92 responded and spoke with all parties. Peace was restored.

Saturday, October 22

Female caller reports she was driving behind a MV and the passenger door was opened. A male driver was attempting to push a female out of the MV. Last seen driving down Main Street in Winthrop. MV is out of Revere. All Winthrop units were notified and Revere dispatch also notified. W-92 reports stopping MV. One arrested for possession of a Class E substance.

Directed patrol of public landing. Two males fishing. All clear otherwise.

Female party reports coming home and all her doors are open. Officers report and all appears to be OK. Door was possibly just left open.

Party reports her MV was just struck by a passing truck which has pulled over. Officer reports bumper was completely torn off the parked MV. He will submit a report.

Father came to the station to pick up his child for a two hour visitation. The mother and child never showed up.

Party reported to officer that a laptop computer was stolen and she would like to report it.

Someone called to report that the door was open at Hot Diggity. Officer reports maintenance work being done onsite.

Dead raccoon in the street on Madison Avenue. ACO contacted.

MV stopped for going 59 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. He claims he just passed his road test for licensing but number shows no status other than learner’s permit. MV will be driven by a licensed driver who was present in the car. Citation issued.

Party has dog on lash that was wandering around. It is a bull dog type.

911 transferred from State. Caller reports three girls fighting in Massa Playground. Units report coming in with one juvenile female to be picked up by parents. Mother came and got daughter.

Officers called for Class D drug possession by female near school.  Conspiracy to violate drug law and also resisting arrest.

Sunday, October 23

Officer reports he struck a parked car while tagging motor vehicles on Shirley Street.

Officer reports being flagged down by a motorist who requests EMS for a child who had a feeding tube dislodged. WFD and EMS notified and responded.

Party reports her 29 year-old daughter isn’t feeling well and has passed out. Call transferred to WFD and EMS. Caller reports the daughter does not want medical aid at this time.

Several calls of people without power on Cottage Avenue. National Grid has been notified.

Report of a man urinating in public on Revere Street. Units report speaking with subject.

Caller reports motorist has struck one of the temporary water pipes connected to the construction on Bellevue causing a substantial leak. Steve Calla notified.

Call that a NH motor vehicle is back and the operator is walking in Governor’s Park. This person is always in the area and is suspicious. The person is a Private Detective and told to check with Winthrop next time he is coming.

Call of a vehicle on a sidewalk. Officer reports the area is clear.

Caller reports group of youths sitting on the benches on Overlook Drive. Possible 94C violations. Units report area and search is negative.

Reports of a MV parked a bit on the crosswalk on Pleasant Street causing a problem possibly for cars coming by. Officer checked the area and the car has left.

Caller reports that a woman on the top floor is causing a disturbance again. Officers respond and report all quiet and the woman did not answer.

Caller reports loosing his keys in Coughlin Park. If anyone turns them in, please call him.

Verbal between roommates on Neptune Avenue. All parties advised of their rights.

Female reports her black pocketbook was stolen while she was at Walmart in Lynn. She just wanted us to know in case someone returns it to WPD because she lives in Winthrop. The purse contained her credit cards and telephone.

Principal called from the Cummings School reporting an erratic operator who failed to yield to the children in the crosswalk. Officer  will handle with citation.

Officer has stopped a motor vehicle for stop sign violation. Citation issued.

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