Osborne Won’t Seek Re-election to the School Committee

Mary Lou Osborne

Mary Lou Osborne, chairperson of the Winthrop School Committee, will not be seeking re-election to the committee in the town election in November.

Osborne has been a member of the committee for the past seven years. She will serve out the remainder of her four-year team and leave the committee on December 31, 2011.

Osborne was first elected to a three-year on the committee in May, 2004. When Winthrop changed its form of government in 2007 and the town election was moved to November, she was re-elected to a four-year term.

Osborne said she actually made the decision that this term would be her last when she was re-elected four years ago. “Four years is a long commitment to make and art that time I promised my family that I would run for one more term, so I’m honoring that commitment that I made to them four years ago,” said Osborne.

She served as vice chairman of the committee before becoming chairman in the summer of 2010. She succeeded Pat Milano, who stepped down from the committee.

Osborne, who was involved in the selection process that resulted in the appointment of new Superintendent of Schools John Macero, said she was proud of her record of service and contribution to the town.

“I just gave it my all and hope that I helped to accomplish good things for our school system,” said Osborne.”

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Councilor Linda Calla also praised Hickey before casting her vote for her candidacy.

“Kathy Hickey comes across as a very sincere, very honest person and she did say she would be very mindful of her position that she has at town hall,” said Calla.

Council President Jeffrey Turco asked Town Manager James McKenna whether he had any concern about the fact that Hickey held a second position in town government.

“Originally I did,” responded McKenna. “But I do see the value of what both Councilor Maggio and Councilor Calla point out – that what’s important and become very evident to us is someone that has the ability to interface with the various [town] offices on a more frequent and active basis is very vital to that position and I see the value with having that.

The clerk to the Council position pays a stipend of $5,200.

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