The First Step: DeLeo, MSBA Director Tour the Middle School and High School

The news that House Speaker Bob DeLeo and  Katherine Craven, executive director of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (the agency that considers and oversees new school construction in the state), recently toured Winthrop High School and Winthrop Middle School marks the first step in the long process of determining the pros and cons (and financial feasibility) of whether the town should build a new middle/high school complex or attempt to renovate the existing buildings.

Town Manager James McKenna (who accompanied Rep. DeLeo and Ms. Craven) and our Town Council have been very proactive in their approach to reviewing all options in regard to the possibility of building a new middle school/high school complex. They understand that every year that is lost in pursuing such a project is another lost year for our children who will benefit from a new school.

Speaker DeLeo’s presence on the visit made a strong statement that he is closely following the situation and representing the interests of Winthrop residents to the fullest. With all of his other responsibilities in his role as Speaker, it’s clear that DeLeo has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Winthrop and if the townspeople indicate that they support a new middle school/high school, he will assist the town in making sure Winthrop’s proposal gets the thorough consideration that it deserves.

The question appears to be: Does the town want to spend millions for renovations to two school buildings that have seen their better days or focus its energies on building a brand new, comprehensive, state-of-the-art middle/high school complex that will serve our community in so many ways for generations to come? With Speaker DeLeo, Mr. McKenna, new Supt. of Schools John Macero, the Town Council, and the School Committee leading the way, we feel confident that our town leaders will make the right decision for our school children and community.

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