Staying Power: Bed and Breakfast Ordinance will be Good for the Town

The concept of having bed and breakfast residences in Winthrop moved forward Tuesday night as a result of action by the Town Council. Winthrop resident Maggie Morris has been working on this proposal for three years and it was great to see that her efforts have resulted in the town being on the brink of allowing its residents to use their homes as a bed and breakfast.

We see it as a positive step forward for Winthrop. This ordinance no doubt will improve tourism in the town and provide an economic boost to the business community. Once the application process is in place, it’s possible that by as early as next month, there’ll be bed and breakfasts in Winthrop.

1 comment for “Staying Power: Bed and Breakfast Ordinance will be Good for the Town

  1. Christine Forster Berg
    June 24, 2011 at 1:25 am

    Wonderful news!  Maggie and Cindy should be commended for all they do to imporove the quality of life in Winthrop and utilizing our greatest resources in The Town.  Thank You!  Christine Forster-Berg

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