Pan Cake Breakfast Annual event Supports WHS Football

And yet another harbinger of the summer season is the annual Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast in the high school cafeteria to support the Winthrop High football team.

Coach Sean Driscoll and his crew of Vikings will be serving up all you can eat pancakes with all the fixin’s this Sunday morning, just as their predecessors have done for almost 50 years.

The Pancake Breakfast is a hugely popular event every year and is the primary fundraiser for the WHS football team, bringing in funds for equipment and other necessities that are sorely needed in this era of reductions and cutbacks  in school budgets, especially for athletics.

We hope all of our readers will stop by with their families and friends for this fun and worthwhile event and support our Viking gridsters.

h?h gap���rs, dripping in olive oil, on a soft, Italian, sesame seed bun) from Scola’s sandwich shop.

As we grew older and our palates changed (and some might say improved), we recall our first salmon dinner at a restaurant on the docks in Seattle and grilled striped bass on Nobadeer Beach on Nantucket with our then-young children.

And yes, we remember sitting at a long table on the Deane Winthrop grounds enjoying strawberry shortcake with Myer and Frances Brill, and before that, as youngsters, having pancakes served to us by Winthrop High football players, all of whom were almost the equivalent of pro players in our young eyes.

Our former long time publisher, Andrew P. Quigley, used to say, “When you look back on your life, no matter what you’ve done or accomplished, the one thing nobody can take away from you is your memories.”

Well, food has given us our share of memories, but it is the association of food with those who no longer are with us that makes those memories so special.

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