Recognition for WHS: Ranking among Top High Schools in Massachusetts is Welcome News

The Washington Post, one of the nation’s most illustrious daily newspapers, has named Winthrop High School as the 17th best high school in the state of Massachusetts. The honor was based on a school’s Advanced Placement academic program and its curriculum offerings and how challenging they are for students.

We understand that one out of every two seniors who will graduate from Winthrop High next week will have taken at least one Advanced Placement course. Students’ scores on the AP exams have been excellent, thus giving Winthrop students’ college credits that fulfill certain requirements at the colleges.

We want to commend Principal Gail Conlon, Assistant Principal Robin Kostegan, and the staff of hard-working and dedicated teachers at Winthrop High School for helping WHS achieve state and national  recognition from the Washington Post. Winthrop High School provides an academically rich and challenging environment from where students can go on and excel in college and compete well against students from other high schools across the country.

Next Friday is graduation night and this award certainly adds to the celebration for the seniors and their families. That Winthrop High administrators, teachers, and students have attained such high achievement in an era of reduced spending for public education truly is remarkable.

We congratulate all concerned for a job well done.

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