Local and state police investigating alleged stabbing

A brazen daylight attack of a local man, reportedly by two members of a motorcycle gang, is being investigated by Winthrop Police and the State Police Major Crimes Unit as a possible stabbing incident that erupted out of a dispute over ownership of a motorcycle.

The incident took place at approximately 2 p.m. last Friday, August 20, on Winthrop Street not far from Washington Avenue, when a Winthrop man says he tried to fend off two men who had come to steal his motorcycle and was subsequently attacked as a result.

“The victim is uncooperative at this point,” said Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty. “He has said that he was attacked by two members of what he believes to be the Hells Angels motorcycle gang and he said that he was stabbed in the face in the attack.”

However, Delehanty went on to say that there is no evidence to support the victim’s claim that he was stabbed. Rather it appears he was beaten up by two men, who may have been brandishing a blunt object or baton of some kind.

“He was beat up, and it appears that an object was used in the beating,” said Delehanty. “When you have claims or crimes involving motorcycle gangs, those claims are generally beyond our reach and resources, so the State Police were called in to investigate the incident and our officers are working with the State Police and members of other departments in the investigation.”

Lieutenant Detective Brian Perrin and Officer Sean Perrin are leading the investigation for Winthrop, and are talking to officers in other communities, including Peabody, where a previous altercation involving the victim and the alleged assailants on Thursday night may have precipitated Friday’s attack.

“There was an incident at the Sonic on Route 1 (in Peabody) that may be related to the incident here on Friday and our detectives unit is following up that end of the investigation,” explained Delehanty. “In the meantime, I am working with the property owner, where the attack took place and we are stressing the point that we will be looking to eliminate this kind of activity and behavior from that neighborhood. In the end, this is not the type of thing we want to be taking place in our community.”

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