You better shape up – Residents are organizing a competition in the spirit of TV’s ‘Biggest Loser’

Winthrop residents Michael A. Miccichi and Alyssa C. Foley, calling on their own personal experiences with health and fitness issues in the past, are teaming up with local public relations and marketing consultant Michelle Bishop and a pair of local personal trainers to create a health and fitness program aimed at helping Winthrop residents live a healthier style.

“Shape-Up Showdown” is a weight-loss contest promoting community health and fitness. In the spirit of bringing together the Winthrop community around health and fitness the dynamic team, which also includes Certified Personal Trainers Katie Rodriguez and Elizabeth DellaPorta, have developed the program with the goal of helping all participants succeed at the weight loss or fitness plans.

“As someone who has personally struggled with weight, I knew I wanted to develop a community based program that helps others,” explained Miccichi. “After losing over 30 pounds with diet and exercise, I became more energized than ever. I sought out Alyssa Foley, my friend and colleague because I knew she shared the same passion and commitment toward the Winthrop Community. ‘Shape-Up Showdown’ is our way of giving back to the community and helping others to reach their health and fitness goals.”

Foley, a personal trainer now herself, had a somewhat different experience that got her involved in fitness.

“As a Registered Dental Hygienist for 11 years at Brooks Dental, I suffered debilitating back pain. In need of relief, I sought the help of Chiropractor, Dr. Brendan Corcoran D. C. and Personal Trainer, Elizabeth DellaPorta, of Fit For Life,” Foley said. “As a result, I no longer struggle with back pain and through my ongoing commitment to physical fitness to improve my overall health and quality of life, I have been able to transform myself. “Shape-Up Showdown” will allow me to give back to my community, educate and inspire others about the benefits of fitness training.”

The “Shape-Up Showdown” pilot program is a six-week fitness and motivation program designed to offer participants personal training a minimum of twice per week. If successful, Miccichi and Foley plan to offer subsequent contest packages as well.

A, “Keys to Success” discount program has been incorporated into the plan through a network of Winthrop community sponsorships to ensure participant success.

For example, Marc Wallerce, owner of Winthrop MarketPlace has graciously offered discounts for all participants on fresh produce purchases and Dr. Maggie Dylewski of MD Nutrition Consultants will join the effort as a guest speaker to discuss diet and nutrition along with many other major sponsors.

Participants will be randomly divided among the three certified personal trainers: Foley of Center of Gravity, Rodriguez, CPT and DellaPorta of Fit For Life. The “Shape-Up Showdown” pilot program will award prizes to First, Second and Third place winners as well as random incentive prizes through-out the competition.

Public Relations Consultant, Bishop added that, “collaborating with Alyssa and Michael was a no brainer. I have always been committed to giving back to the wonderful community of Winthrop. What better way than helping create a program that is healthy and ensures successful results through personal commitment, outstanding personal trainers and community sponsorships. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.”

There is a registration fee of $125 that will go towards administration fees, rent, equipment and so forth. Trainers will not be making a profit from the event. The training and nutrition package is valued at over $600 per person.

Deadline for registration/entries are September 3, 2010. The first 30 people to qualify will compete.

Others will be placed on a wait list for a possible second competition. You must be 18 years and older with no significant health risks to participate. The “Shape-Up Showdown” pilot contest and weigh-in officially starts, Sunday, October 17, 2010 and will end with the final weigh-in on November 28, 2010.

If interested, please visit our website at for more information, qualifications and registration forms.

Click on “Shape-Up Showdown” in the menu, or email us at [email protected].

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