Fireworks complaint sets the stage for a major marijuana arrest

Complaints by residents at Governor’s Park about a group of youths drinking and setting off fireworks in the parking lot Sunday night, resulted in one 18-year old youth being arrested for being a minor in possession of alcohol and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, after police found more than $1,200 worth of marijuana in a locked safe in the suspect’s car.

Eugen Kapllani, 18 of 200 Governor’s apartment 30, was charged with the above offenses after police responding to the noise complaints at Governor’s Drive noticed an open van of beer inside a vehicle belonging to Kapllani’s father, and which the group of youth’s in question were standing around when officers arrived.

While searching the vehicle for more beer, Officer Robert Ferrullo discovered three plastic bags of “a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana.” The further search of the car’s trunk resulted in the discovery of the locked safe box and two more cases of beer. Ferrullo and Officer Michael Turner then placed Kapllani under arrest on the minor in possession of alcohol charge and called for assistance from the K-9 unit at the MBTA.

After the K-9 confirmed the officers’ suspicions that the lock box also contained controlled substances, police retrieved the key to the box from Kapllani and discovered an additional six plastic bags filled with the same green leafy substance. Kapllani was then charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and booked.

Another of Kapllani’s associates at the parking lot was issued a $100 ticket for town by-law citation for possession of marijuana, after a quick search of all the youth involved. None of the other youth were found to be in possession of alcohol or marijuana at the time.

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