Two varieties of fireworks – Despite scattered incidents, authorities call celebration a success

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.
For the Transcript

Winthrop Police took an “all hands on deck” approach to ensuring the peace over the Independence Day celebration here last weekend and it largely paid off. The Winthrop Police Department reported only six arrests, including two on July 3 and four arrests for fighting in separate incidents following the July 4th fireworks celebration on Point Shirley.

“Overall, I think it was a very successful event,” said Acting Chief Terence Delehanty. “Any time you have a major event in a community, you are going to have some incidents of disturbance, but I thought we had enough people on [hand] to handle the situations that arose adequately. I think our officers performed well. I am grateful for their efforts and the way they conducted themselves throughout the weekend, and that goes for the reserve officers who were on duty as well as the auxiliary officers who augmented our patrol officers at key spots around town.

“I think it speaks volumes about the talent and training of our officers that we were able to manage the crowds and provide a safe environment for everyone,” added Delehanty.

The relative calm of the holiday weekend was disrupted on a few occasions briefly.

On July 3, there were two arrests in separate incidents, one of which resulted in injuries to Officer Shawn McCarthy and another that stemmed from an incident that began in Brookline hours earlier.

According to Delehanty, at approximately 2:07 p.m., veteran officer Detective Robert McFarland observed an individual who was wanted on a warrant out of Brookline for carjacking and domestic assault and battery on a woman from Brookline. When he attempted to serve the warrant on the suspect, an altercation broke out and officers Shawn McCarthy and Mary Crisafi, who were nearby at the time, stepped in to help subdue the suspect.

James Kimounya, 35, of 434 Governor’s Drive, was eventually subdued and taken into custody on the Brookline warrant.

“Charges of assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest will also be sought against Kimounya, separately in East Boston District Court,” said Delehanty.

In the second incident on July 3, Winthrop Police received a transferred 911 call from the State Police just after 5 p.m., when the State Police couldn’t determine where the call was coming from.

“We were able to determine that a woman at 41 Belcher Street was in need of assistance,” said Delehanty. “Two Winthrop police cruisers were dispatched to the scene and upon their arrival, they requested additional units to assist in dealing with three unruly people at the scene.”

Acting Chief Delehanty and Lieutenant Frank Scarpa then went to the scene of the call and upon their arrival they both witnessed Officer McCarthy being sucker punched by an individual there.

After a brief struggle, 24-year-old William Lambrose of 41 Belcher Street was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and malicious destruction of property.

“Lieutenant Scarpa was injured and treated at the scene and later returned to duty,” said Delehanty. “Officer McCarthy was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital and treated for his injuries.”

Delehanty said McCarthy is currently on injury leave and his progress is being monitored by local physicians. He is expected to be off duty for at least another week.

On July 4, it was much quieter locally until after dark.

“We did have a few problems after dark and after the fireworks were over,” said Delehanty. “We wound up taking four suspects into custody in separate fighting incidents.”

Those arrested included Robert Odette, 44, of 115 DeLorenzo Drive, Duxbury. Odette was taken into custody while dining at a Shirley Street establishment, after he became belligerent toward the manager and refused to pay the bill. When police arrived, Odette turned his aggression on them and was ultimately charged with assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, malicious destruction of property and larceny under $250. He was taken into custody by Officer Robert Jaworski and Reserve Officer William Donnellan.

Officer Judy Racow and Officer James Feeley later arrested 18-year-old William Checker of Hermon Street for disorderly conduct, after they observed him fighting in the street following the fireworks.

Lastly, Graham Clewer, 17, of 20 Hawthorn Street and Robert Wells, 19, of 29 Sagamore Avenue were both taken into custody. Delehanty charged the pair with common law affray, based on the observations of Officer Feeley and Auxiliary Officer Flintoff.

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