Mckenna’s on the job – City Manager makes a strong first impression

Town Manager James McKenna gave his first town manager’s report at Tuesday night’s council meeting, and it was, in a word, impressive.

McKenna, who officially took office June 27, distributed a summary of his few days on the job to councillors and laid out some of the processes by which he’ll conduct his administration, such as meeting every two weeks with the heads of the various town departments.

Councillor Jeanne Maggio was particularly impressed with McKenna’s initial report, thanking the town manager for providing a lot of concise information and making the council feel like it’s part of the entire teamwork of government.

If Mrs. Maggio were a schoolteacher, we’d say that Mr. McKenna earned a grade of ‘A’ for his opening night performance.

… And a good night for Councillor Calla, too

Town Councillor Linda Calla delivered her usual informative and well-articulated Health Committee report during Tuesday’s council meeting. Linda gave a thorough explanation of the town’s recycling efforts and the changes in the system that Winthrop residents can expect in the weeks to come.

Anyone watching at home had to be impressed not only with Linda’s enthusiasm for the subject, but the optimism that her report generated in terms of the expectation that a good townwide recycling effort can result in an improved environment.

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