High winds and high seas continue to pound coastline

Winthrop dealing with continued flooding threat

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

By Tuesday morning of this week, Town Manager Rick White and the town’s emergency response team had been closely monitoring storm activity in Winthrop for more than 48 hours, and with forecasts calling for more rain, high winds and high tides over the following two days, it remained likely that town emergency workers would remain at their posts stationed around Winthrop for at least the next few days.
“I think that we’re very worried about the high tide (Tuesday night) and less worried, but still concerned about the tide on (Tuesday) afternoon,” said White Tuesday morning. “The plan is to close access to Point Shirley beginning at about 11 a.m. on Tuesday and keep it closed through the worst of the high tide. We’re worried about rocks and debris and of course the water.”
White said that weather forecasts from the National Weather Service called for continued rain and high tides in Winthrop through Wednesday and possibly into Thursday. However, the highest tides were expected on Tuesday, meaning that town workers would be on hand to help those who needed help throughout the two high tides on Tuesday and Tuesday night.

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