Town braces for highest seas yet

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Winthrop Town Manager Rick White said Tuesday that based on the flooding which occurred during the noon high tide in parts of Winthrop, extra precautions will be taken with regard to providing for the public safety, especially on Point Shirley.
“Due to the fact that tonight’s tide is expected to be somewhat higher, we will be bringing in extra personnel and stationing an engine company at Point Shirley from 10 pm to 2 am.,” said White in a statement late Tuesdya afternoon. “Additionally, we have made arrangements for an extra ambulance to be down there at the same time. DPW and the PD have indicated they will also have equipment and personnel down there. We will be shutting Shirley St. down at Washington Ave. at around 11 pm due to the flooding.”
White also said that the town would be notifying Point Shirley area residents, and others affected by the storm, of the plans through the use of reverse 911 calls to homes.

3 comments for “Town braces for highest seas yet

  1. Ronnie De Rocco
    April 18, 2007 at 7:20 am

    When will we get someone to address the flooding
    cituation.I live on Moore street the most frequetly flodded street in winthrop.Since 1978 the ramp at Tewksbury street has been unusable and a hazard to children who frequent the area to swim.Besides the fact that the sewers still do not work properly The State has made a feeble attempt to block the ramp with lumber which has never stopped the water from pouring out onto shore drive which eventually streams down moore and charles street.If the ramp is not going to be repaired why not block the opening and stop thousands of dollars in damage every year to home,automobiles and property.Flooding will always be a problem along the coast we understand that.What we don’t understand is everyone knows the problem exists and nothing has been done to rectify this disgraceul problem.Our street is constantley covered in seaweed,starfish and lobster.On top of all that you also have the idiot driver who must drive through the water leaving 3 to 4 foot wakes to smash against the cellar windows of our homes causing basement’s to fill with water creating unessacery damage to our homes. Something needs to be done NOW maybe if someone from the town board lived or owned property here this problem would not exist.It has been 30 years and still the problem exists how much time do you need?

  2. Cheryl Tobey
    April 18, 2007 at 10:33 am

    The DCR has done a fantastic job; they have come after each tide and pumped the water off Shore Drive, as well as removed the rocks and debris. We should all commend their amazing efforts on Winthrop’s behalf. By contrast every resident should contact Rep. DeLeo and the potential senate candidates, as well as Gov. Patrick’s office, and tell them to stop the nonsensical holdup of the beach nourishment project. Everyone in town needs to understand that the project would be going through if not for the erroneous, bordering on illegal, and certainly immoral, efforts of the Dept of Marine Fisheries, Paul Diodati and Vincent Malkosky, who have a flagrant disregard for the lives, properties, etc. of Winthrop. All testing has been done, all results are in our favor, they have resorted to unbelievably questionable tactics now through an appeal process that is just languishing our nourishment project in a stalled legal ruling. Almost all the flooding could have been eliminated had this project been allowed to go through before now. If the citizens of this town don’t stand up we may not have a town – how many more damaging storms will there be? How can an LNG terminal sail through and Winthrop Beach be more environmentally damaging? Why did the DMF received $900,000 from the LNG people – did this affect their voices? Is Winthrop now suffering because we can’t afford this type of “mitigation”? You do the math. This project will only happen if enough pressure is put on by the residents of this town.

  3. Cheryl Tobey
    April 18, 2007 at 10:44 am

    In my haste to get a comment out before high tide, I did not spell check – please ammend the spelling: one name should be Vincent Malkoski,not Malkosky and it is the Division of Marine Fisheris, not Dept of Marine Fisheries. Also if anyone is interested, the legal entity holding the project currently is DALA – Division of Administrative Law Appeals, and the chief administrative magistrate is Christopher Connolly and his number is 617-727-7060

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