Town braces for highest seas yet

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Winthrop Town Manager Rick White said Tuesday that based on the flooding which occurred during the noon high tide in parts of Winthrop, extra precautions will be taken with regard to providing for the public safety, especially on Point Shirley.
“Due to the fact that tonight’s tide is expected to be somewhat higher, we will be bringing in extra personnel and stationing an engine company at Point Shirley from 10 pm to 2 am.,” said White in a statement late Tuesdya afternoon. “Additionally, we have made arrangements for an extra ambulance to be down there at the same time. DPW and the PD have indicated they will also have equipment and personnel down there. We will be shutting Shirley St. down at Washington Ave. at around 11 pm due to the flooding.”
White also said that the town would be notifying Point Shirley area residents, and others affected by the storm, of the plans through the use of reverse 911 calls to homes.

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