Carrying the Torch: Danny Eruzione Signs Pro Contract With Italian Hockey League

The Eruzione family has produced so many athletic thrills for multiple generations, from Miller Field in Winthrop to Fitton Field in Worcester to the Olympic Center in Lake Placid.

Danny Eruzione will now bring that storied tradition to an international destination as he begins his professional career in the Italian Hockey League (IHL).

Eruzione, 26, who had an excellent career at Salve Regina University, has signed a contract with the Brixen Falcons Hockey Club and will leave for Italy later this month. He will begin training camp on Sept. 1.

Eruzione said that each team in the IHL is allowed to have two or three players who are non-citizens of Italy. The Falcons will play a 45-game regular season schedule.

Eruzione is excited about beginning his pro hockey career.

“It’s a dream-come-true to play professional hockey and I’ve always wanted to go to Europe,” said Eruzione. “I can’t wait to start playing. To finally get done with my amateur and college status and move on is pretty exciting, especially to do it in Italy, which is even better.”

Setting Records at Salve Regina

Eruzione had an outstanding three-year career at Salve Regina University. As a junior team captain, he set a new program career record for assists (71) and was second in all-time scoring for the Seahawks with 101 points.

But the COVID-19 pandemic wiped out his senior season, denying the college star the honor of being the all-time scoring king.

“I didn’t get to play my fourth year because of COVID, and I transferred to Curry to pursue my Master’s in my fifth year,” said Eruzione.

A Winthrop Youth Hockey Graduate

 Eruzione began his hockey career in the Winthrop Youth Hockey Association at the Larsen Rink, which has since been named the Larsen Rink at the Mike Eruzione Center in honor of his uncle.

Eruzione played two productive seasons in Dale Dunbar’s Winthrop High program, finishing his sophomore year with 32 points in 19 games. He transferred to Cushing Academy before playing Junior Hockey in New Jersey in the North American Hockey League. He then enrolled at Salve Regina University where he lit up the scoreboard as a 5-foot-9-inch, 160-pound forward.

The Dream Beyond This Dream

The son of a Holy Cross sports legend, Vinnie Eruzione, who played three Division 1 college sports and is now the athletic director at Curry College, and the nephew of Olympic gold medalist Mike Eruzione, it goes without saying that the last name Eruzione represents elite sports royalty.

The second tier of Danny’s continuing hockey career could be awe-inspiring, though.

Danny said he intends to apply for dual citizenship in Italy, which is a 16-month process. And with the 2026 Winter Olympics being held in Milan and Italy receiving an automatic bid as the host country, the opportunity exists for Danny Eruzione to earn a spot on the Italian Olympic team.

“That’s the hope, that’s the dream and the plan,” said Eruzione. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to try out for the Olympic team.”

The thought of another Eruzione playing ice hockey in the Olympics would be as big a sports story as it gets. Danny Eruzione would instantly become the most recognizable player in the entire Olympic tournament because of his uncle Mike’s unforgettable reign as captain of the 1980 USA gold medal team.

“That would be special,” said Danny understatedly. “I haven’t seen the level of competition there yet, but if I keep developing on the right course, I think I would have a really good shot at least of being invited to [Olympic] camp. I’m going to give it my best shot.”

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