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On The Trees

Dear Town Council Members,

As you consider the FY23 Town Budget, please allocate a small portion of the Massport PILOT funds to establish a line item specifically for ‘tree planting and maintenance’.  Funding at a level of approximately $100,000.00 for planting and maintenance-only would be a first step in replenishing our diminished tree canopy and ensure new and existing trees are properly cared for.  This is particularly imperative for the survival of the new trees to be planted in the Center Business District.  Given DPW’s limited resources, this line item should be an addition to their budget, not a reallocation of DPW funds. Having  dedicated funds should allow DPW to contract tree services as needed, thereby relieving a stretched staff and budget.  Over time, this modest allocation of funds will benefit the Town budget and residents as sufficient tree canopy has been proven to bring economic benefits such as energy savings from reduced heating/cooling costs; better stormwater management; and higher property values.

Funding for trees has been squeezed out by other budget priorities over the years.  It is time to re-assess and recognize that living next to busy Logan Airport demands we prioritize the health of our community.  Trees are a direct mitigant to the air and noise pollution from the airport and funding them is consistent with the intent of the Massport PILOT payments. Please consider budgeting this modest amount to begin re-investing in our green infrastructure.   

 Respectfully Submitted,

Miriam Regan-Fiore

Thank You

Dear Editor,

The Winthrop Police and Fire Departments wish to extend a big thanks to the people of Winthrop for participating in the annual Flutie Foundation Autism Awareness fundraising efforts.  Through a local hockey game and the sale of specially designed tee shirts and patches, which are still available for purchase at the Winthrop Police Department, over $5,000 has been raised, which will be donated to the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism.  Additionally, another $2,030 was raised and donated to a local family to defray the cost of a Cubby special needs bed that insurance denied. 

A special thanks to State Rep. Jeffrey Turco, Town Councilors Stephen Ruggiero and Heather Belcher and School Committee member Layne Petrie for coming out and showing their support.

A huge shout out to the players, 35 in total, for undertaking the hockey challenge, and to the honorary coaches for the Police/Fire Team, Deputy Police Chief John Goodwin and Acting Fire Chief Scott Wiley;  and for the Allstars, Rep. Jeffrey Turco. 

“We are proud to work with the Flutie Foundation to increase autism awareness in our community while raising money to be donated to this great organization, and we are grateful to the people of Winthrop who made this donation to the Flutie foundation possible as well as making a Winthrop family very happy. “ said Chief Terence Delehanty.

Winthrop Police

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