Wiha Announces Cancellation and Postponement of Years’ Planned Events

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The Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association (WIHA) will be cancelling their big events for the season.

Arbor Day annual clean up of the yard and planting of the trees will be put on hold while we focus on saving the trees that are on the Deane Winthrop property. Those people that donated to the planting of the Michael Delehanty tree will see that tree get planted next year with a formal setting. The town’s wildly popular Strawberry Festival will be postponed till 2022 along with the fastest growing antique car show put on at Ingleside Park. We re opening up our barn doors to a free music concert on the lawn September 19, sponsored through a grant from the Winthrop Culture Council awarded to a person in the town and the surprise guest will be announced soon with all the details. We are moving ahead with a brick pathway fundraiser with the names of loved ones engraved and laid on each side of the walkway thats open to the public. The 

The Girl Scouts are raising money by selling their cookies to plant a butterfly garden on the grounds of the Deane Winthrop property adding to the tranquility that you find the minute you step foot on the grounds. The request from people in the town are pouring in to hold their Weddings  and Bridal showers and we are doing are best to accommodate their special Day. We look forward to the days of normalcy and opening up our doors to to the town’s people to enjoy all the beauty and a look back at the town of Winthrop’s rich history. If you are interested in being a volunteer or have any questions, please give us a call. 

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