Juan Jaramillo earns endorsements from leading environmental advocacy groups

350 Mass Action and Sunrise Salem become the first climate action groups to endorse in 19th Suffolk race 

Juan Jaramillo’s campaign to represent the coastal communities of Revere and Winthrop in the State Legislature received another big boost after becoming the first candidate to receive endorsements from environmental advocacy groups 350 Mass Action and Sunrise Movement Salem. 350 Mass Action is a statewide volunteer network working to combat the climate crisis by eliminating our dependence on harmful fossil fuels. Since its founding in 2016, the group’s primary focus has been to elect climate champions and end the influence of fossil fuel special interests over the political process. Sunrise Movement Salem is part of the larger Sunrise Movement that is working to transform our economy by creating millions of well-paying green jobs while saving our planet from the harmful impact of climate change. 

Jaramillo is standing out as the grassroots candidate heading into the Democratic primary on March 2nd after recently earning endorsements from theMassachusetts Teachers Association, SEIU Local 509, SEIU Local 888, SEIU Local 1199, SEIU Local 32BJ,  UNITE HERE 26, and the Boston Teachers Union. 

“I’m proud that our campaign’s commitment to climate justice is being recognized with these massive endorsements,” Jaramillo said. “Our coastal communities are facing unprecedented challenges from climate change. As our state representative, I would focus on building infrastructure that protects us from flooding, holding large institutions, like Amazon and MassPort, accountable for noise, air, and water pollution, and create a green state economy that invests in Revere and Winthrop by creating good-paying jobs that allow all working people to afford basic life necessities like housing, food, and saving for their retirement.” 

The Democratic party primary for the special election for the 19th Suffolk district covers Winthrop and parts of Revere (Ward 1: Precincts 1, 2, Ward 2, Ward 3: Precincts 2, 3, Ward 5: Precinct 3.)

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