Capobianco releases statement on accusations

In response to recent accusations, candidate for State Rep. Valentino Capobianco has released the following statement.

“I am running for State Representative for the same reason I ran for the Democratic State Committee and Winthrop School Committee — to do as much good as I can for as many people as I could. The large number of people who have chosen to honor me with their support in this contest demonstrates that while not perfect, I clearly have accomplished at least some of that goal, and for that, I am genuinely proud.

I know that politics can be a blood sport but I remain incredulous of the false and outrageous allegations that have suddenly been dropped on me.  In the last 6 hours, two completely untrue and ridiculous accusations have been made about me in high school.  I would have been 15 or 16 at the time, and these things simply never happened.   

It is deeply personally embarrassing to see some dumb college behavior also be raised – I will own my own mistakes. 

It was not predatory.  I was overly enthusiastic texting someone I had a crush on.  That is the juvenile behavior of a nerdy kid. In hindsight as an adult, I know that.    

I’d like to think that despite any personal embarrassment this story brings to me, the people of this district who know me will decide that I can still do more for their families and our community over the next two years than can any of the other candidates running. If that is the case, I’d be honored and humbled to become their voice and their vote on Beacon Hill.”

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