Information on Special Election Provided

Town Manager Austin Faison and Acting Town Clerk Joanne M. DeMato wish to provide residents with information regarding the state special election scheduled for this spring.

The special election to fill the seat of State Rep. Robert DeLeo has been set for Tuesday, March 30. The primary election will be held Tuesday, March 2.

Eligible voters can register to vote up to 20 days before each election.

Candidate nomination papers can be obtained by contacting the Winthrop Town Clerk’s Office at 617-846-1742 and making an appointment.

To help candidates navigate the collection of signatures amid the restrictions and difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Winthrop Town Clerk’s Office wishes to share the following guidelines:

• Multiple signature pages are allowed. Candidates are not required to fill nomination pages with signatures. Each signer may have their own nomination paper form.

• Electronic signatures are not allowed. All signatures must be in ink.

• Time extensions are not allowed. There are no extended deadlines approved by the state to obtain nomination signatures.

• A reduction in the number of signatures is not allowed. The number of signatures required, at least 150, remains the same.

It is also recommended that candidates do not hold onto their papers in order to turn them in all at once. Any completed sheets may be submitted in order to start the certifying process.

Questions regarding the special election or obtaining/submitting nomination papers can be directed to the Winthrop Town Clerk’s Office at 617-846-1742.

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