Cubs Win Winthrop Little League Senior Championship

Cubs Manager Bob Andy said after the Winthrop Senior Baseball League’s championship-deciding game Tuesday night that “My team just showed up to play every day and I can’t more proud of them.”

Anthony Indrisano saved one of the best pitching performances of the season for the biggest stage, tossing a two-hit, eight-strikeout, complete game to help the Cubs defeat the upstart Twins, 10-2, in Game 3 of the playoff finals and win the 2020 Winthop Senior Baseball League championship at Ingleside Park.

“Anthony Indresano showed up tonight,” said Manager Andy. “He was in control the whole way.”

Indrisano and Zack Bogusz were the co-aces of the Cubs’ staff.

“We rode their arms the whole season,” said Manager Andy. “Without them, we’re not celebrating a championship tonight.”

Ryan Nolen, Jay Fotiades, Jack Andy, Robert Rich, and Zack Bogusz all made big contributions to the Cubs’ offense in the deciding game of the best-of-three series.

“Everyone 1 through 11 contributed tonight,” said Andy. “It was a total win. It was our chance to finish it off and we finished strong.”

Bogusz also played very well defensively at first base. Rich was the Jackie Bradley Jr. of the league’s outfielders, covering a lot of ground in centerfield. Andy, son of the Cubs’ manager, was the dependable No. 1 catcher while Indrisano and Jake McManus were excellent shortstops.

“We had solid defense – I never had to worry about my ‘D’,” said Andy.

The Twins, coached by Jason Rockefeller and Mike Gagnon and with a talented cast including Colin Kinsella and Company, were the No. 3 seed in the playoffs but defeated the No. 2 seeded Angels in the semifinals and then took the No. 1-seeded Cubs in to a decisive third game of the finals.

“The Twins were gamers,” said Andy. “As a coach, I came down to watch the other series and they were tenacious. They trailed in every game against the Angels but they fought back. We respected the Twins and they fought us tooth and nail. Those guys should be very proud of how well they played in this series.”

Bob Andy thanked League Commissioner Mark DiGregorio for re-launching the league and giving Winthrop players an opportunity to enjoy some spirited baseball competition during difficult times due to the coronavirus.

“Mark did a phenomenal job from Day 1,” said Andy. “He worked tirelessly. I can’t say enough good things about him.

“It’s good to see this league back in this town,” continued Andy, who played baseball in the old Winthrop Senior (Pony) League and at Winthrop High for Coaches Barry Rosen and Vinnie Eruzione (“My favorite coach I ever played for.”). “I hope this is a springboard. I hope we get more players next year and we can have more teams. The kids had a great time. I heard them saying, ‘This is fun. This is good baseball.’’

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